Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kate Gosselin Dancing With The Stars April 5

Kate Gosselin Dancing With The Stars April 5, We’ve seen the wrath and fury of Kate Gosselin on her canceled reality TV show and even in “Dancing With the Stars” practice with her partner Tony Dovolani. But put her on that dance floor and Gosselin turns stiff as cardboard and devoid of all human emotion.

Point in case — tonight’s feeble attempt at a paso doble. Gosselin and Dovolani danced to Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi,” which the tabloid cover mom says is “a song that speaks to me.” In the dance, the glammed-up Gosselin was supposed to be furious with the paparazzi (Dovolani) for following her around, but she managed only to keep the same forced scowl frozen on her face throughout the duration of the dance.

Perhaps anticipating this very problem, “DWTS” brought in an acting coach to give Gosselin a personality on the dance floor. The coach told her she needs to let out all those emotions lying just under the surface, to which Gosselin responded, “I’m not allowed.” Ex-husband Jon would probably beg to differ.

Gosselin also walked across the floor throughout the performance, unable to really feel the rhythm.

We’ll have to wait until Tuesday’s elimination show to see if Gosselin’s fans keep her around another week. Maybe her loyal paparazzi following will cast some votes to keep her in the spotlight.

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