Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pac Man 30th Anniversary, Google Celebrates Pac Man 30th Anniversary

Paying tribute to the 30th anniversary of? the arcade game classic   PAC-MAN, Google have put up their first-ever playable Google doodle on   the search homepage.

To play the game, go to during  the next 48 hours (a day longer  than usual because � as Google  explains � "it's too cool to keep for  just one day) and either press  the "Insert Coin" button or just wait for  a few seconds.

Toru Iwatani, in 1979, created Pac-Man as a young Namco designer, and   perhaps unknowingly began the Pac-fever, which hasn't necessarily   stopped in today's video game world of realistic game play and high tech   graphics.

And even back in the 80s when home video game consoles like Atari and   Nintendo made their way  into the consumers' market and arcades' bad  reputation of being unsafe places, Pac-Man faced difficult competition  but remained strong and  popular. In the 90's, two-player fighting games  like Street Fighter II  and Mortal Kombat threatened its popularity, but  kids waiting their  turn or roaming around through the machines always  seemed to make their  way to a Pac-Man machine and fight colored ghosts.

"There's very few other games with so much eating and so little   violence," said Jonathan Schnapp, 37, winner of the 2009 Uniqlo Pac-Man   Challenge. "Even the ghosts aren't scary ghosts. They're funny ghosts.   It's one of those games that never gets boring."

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