Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tito Ortiz, Jenna Jameson Are Engaged in Domestic Dispute

On Monday Tito Ortiz staying at the Huntington Beach, in California was arrested, and just after few hours of his bail the lawyer of the Ortiz and he himself impeached Jenna Jameson, his wife for the addictive use of drugs and also emphasized that he never struck her.

The mixed martial arts fighter, Ortiz had been arrested over the charges of domestic violence attack against her wife, and as soon as he was out, a heated debate took place between Jenna Jameson, the porn star and her husband. The duo lives along with their two twin sons. Jenna is a drug addict and therefore, has been battling against the OxyContin addiction from last one year.

The lady had a relapse in morning for which Ortiz tried to help her as she has warned of suicide before also stated Chip Matthews, lawyer of Ortiz.

The attorney further added that Tito has been making high efforts to secure the privacy of his children and his wife and he and his family has been facing tough time since his wife's battle with OxyContin addiction. Jenna later on revealed the fact that she was not beaten by her husband, he had not touched her and she was badly hurt learning the blame over her husband.

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