Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ethan Zohn¡¯s Cancer Gone

Ever since he first commenced therapies for an uncommon type of Hodgkin’s disease the previous year, Survivor: Africa succeeder Ethan Zohn has attested his journeying in video recording on PEOPLE. He and lady friend Jenna Morasca, succeeder of Survivor: Amazon, have been thankful for the help of those chasing his advancement � and are thrilled they’ve got some beneficial news to tell.

“A couple of calendar weeks ago, we got his 1st clean computed tomography scan,” states Morasca. “At present we can formally call him ‘in remission.’ We were indeed anxious about this examination as good news on this examination entailed we could commence our lives once again.”

The awesome couple had been down present route prior to it.

After he believed chemotherapy had acted to annihilate his cancer at the end of the previous Aug, Zohn ascertained it had returned. “The final blank scan we got was beneficial but then we’d to enter the stem cell organ transplant,” Morasca states, “which was rather a long and scaring process.”

Zohn healed from other vaults of an evenly aroused nature, such as the dying of mate Jenn Lyon because of breast cancer in Jan. But in Apr, when a nurse clinician provided the couple with the consequences of the scanning, “both Ethan and I jumped and embraced her!” Morasca states. “I can’t start to explain the felicity and alleviation we experienced.”


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