Monday, January 10, 2011

¡®Paris Hilton¡¯s insecurity led to Doug Reinhardt split¡¯

Paris Hilton5  'Paris Hilton's insecurity led to Doug Reinhardt split' Doug Reinhardt broke up with Paris Hilton because she used to constantly check his cell phone, sources say.

The socialite was apparently insecure and would keep an eye on her lover all the time.

“Paris was constantly checking Doug’’s cell phone, and monitoring who he was talking to. Doug never gave her any reason to make her question him, she is just extremely insecure,” Radar Online quoted a source as saying.

Meanwhile, Reinhardt insisted that most tabloids published false reports on the reason behind the split.

He said: “Despite what many uninformed tabloid journalists are saying, Paris and I met at her house last night and have decided to split (again).

"It’’s unfortunate that things are being said about us that are inaccurate. I continue to wish her only the best.”

The couple had parted ways last year for several months, before rekindling their relationship.

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