Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ryan Seacrest Simon Cowell Fight

Ryan Seacrest Simon Cowell Fight � The contestants should always be the focus of American Idol, but last night Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell engaged in a bizarre form of theatrics that momentarily stole the spotlight from the young singers.

ryan seacrestSimon Cowell wasn`t thrilled with Michael Lynche`s performance of "Miss You", the cranky judge said that Lynche`s dance moves were "corny", and he added that he looked "a tiny bit desperate."

As usual Cowell was spot on, Lynche proves that all black men can`t dance. Lynche looked like he was trying to stomp out a fire, and conduct an orchestra at the same time.

It was about time that one of the judges slapped Lynche down, he is the most overrated contestant in the history of American Idol. Lynche has the ego of a superstar, but the talent of karaoke star.

Ryan Seacrest quickly jumped to Lynche`s defense, and asked Simon what was so desperate about his performance. Cowell replied: Do you want me to talk to you or talk to Mike?

At that juncture it was on, baby! Ryan, with fire in his eyes, marched down to confront his nemesis. Ryan was inches away from Cowell`s grill, I didn`t know if they were going to kiss, punch each other out, or burst out laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

Ryan Seacrest Simon Cowell Fight ,Simon backed away, and begged Seacrest to get back on the stage. What theatrics! Kudos to the producers for dreaming up the stunt! It wasn`t until Siobhan Magnus knockout performance of "Paint It Black" that I remembered that American Idol is supposed to be a singing competition, and not an opportunity for the host and one of the judges to showcase their acting abilities. Siobhan is part Adam Lambert, part Elivra, part Cinderella on LSD, and 100 percent terrific singer. If Siobhan doesn`t win American Idol there is no God, and we are all doomed.  Crystal Bowersox, the judges` favorite, isn`t worthy to be the person assigned to clean Siobhan`s gigantic glasses. The entire American Idol cast should bow down to Siobhan.


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