Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sexy Top Model Sophie Turner Has Been Latest Buzz On Internet

The Internet has been buzzing with searches of Sophie Turner.? For  those of you who haven't heard of her name, let me tell you that she  became famous after appearing in an Australian reality TV show, similar  to "America's Next Top Model", called "Search for a Supermodel".

Sophie Turner is known when it comes to fashion, glamour and swimsuit  modeling. She is the winner of the Australian Network Ten's "Search for a  Supermodel" in 2000-2001. She won a contract to be with the prestigious  Ford Models (formerly the Ford Modeling  Agency).

When told that her back door put Kim’s well-endowed rump to shame, she  bragged, “Mine’s real! It’s pure Aussie goodness.”

Sophie Turner has something to share with her millions of fans around  the world about herself. She utters, "What make me different from my  contemporaries are intelligence, my ludicrous personality, hilarious  sense of humor and my being workaholic."

Europe that made her to go round the planet! Sophie Turner earned  admiration from the fashion world because of her confidence, guts,  poise, attitude and sexy struts. Ms. Turner doesn't only have beautiful  face and sexy body, but also she is incredibly an achiever in terms of  her academic performance. While she is fulfilling her career as a model,  TV personality, etc, she is also fulfilling her dreams of pursuing her  lifelong goal of earning a law degree.

Since then she has built up a wildly successful  career for herself in the realm of print, runway, and bikini  modeling. But as with just about any industry, the real test is whether  or not you can make in the good 'ole United States of America. We have  yet to find out if she will pull that one off.

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