Tuesday, May 24, 2011

American Idol Gives Back 2010 Elimination Top 7 tonight Performers

We're about to find out who, if anyone, will be eliminated from the  Top 7 tonight as part of the Idol Gives Back special  event.  I'm not expecting to see an elimination, but Seacrest did say  we'd get results at the end of tonight's show.  I suppose those results  could always be that there are no results, but we'll have to wait and  see.

Crystal Bowersox absolutely blew everyone away last  night and eventually rendered everyone else pretty much useless. ?I love  that girl! ?Chances are NO one will be going home. ?As in the previous  seasons, no one gets sent home on the Idol Gives Back night. ?They  usually combine this week's votes and next week's and that will  determine next week's elimination. ?BUT, they could send someone home  tonight still, it's hasn't been announced. ? As long as it's not  Crystal, which of course it won't be, or my guy Lee Dewyze,  I don't care.

The two-hour Idol Gives Back special – which broadcast from  the Idol theater as well as the Pasadena Civic Center and featured  performances by Carrie Underwood, Elton John, the Black Eyed Peas, Jeff  Beck and Joss Stone, Annie Lennox (stuck in London because of the  Icelandic volcano) and Mary J. Blige, who sang Stairway to Heaven with a band that included Steve Vai, Orianthi, Blink-182 drummer Travis  Barker and Randy Jackson – raised more than $15 million dollars.

President Obama and Michelle  Obama kick off show. In a taped message, they urged  participation in Idol Gives Back. Ryan introduces Queen Latifah at  the Civic Center. The Top 12 Idol finalists reunite for a lip-synch  performance – “Keeping the Dream Alive.” They’re all  dressed in white.

As of now, here's the idols of the show. One of  them will go home. They are the American Idol Top Seven:

Lee Dewyze

Aaron Kelly

Casey James

Tim Urban

Michael Lynche

Siobhan Magnus

Crystal Bowersox

There will be more updates regarding this. Stay tuned.

Final Results

Ryan announces that next week will be the songs of Shania Twain,  before sending Aaron home to safety.? The person leaving American Idol  tonight is Tim Urban. Casey is safe and will return next week.


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