Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brody Jenner And Avril Lavigne

Latest News About Brody Jenner And Avril Lavigne, Avril Lavigne And Brody Jenner Inks Another Matching Tattoos – Brody Jenner And Avril LavigneIt seems like Complicated rock/punk singer Avril Lavigne is deeply in love with her current beau, Brody Jenner.

For the nth time, Lavigne gets another matching tattoo with Brody Jenner. It symbolizes how committed they are with each other. The name of Broody is now tattooed in Avril's right breast, while Avril's name can be seen permanently at Brody's inner arm.

"They may not have been together that long but Avril and Brody are obviously devoted to each other and these tattoos just got to show that." a close friend of Avril revealed in an interview with X17 online.

The two started dating just February this year, and got their first matching tattoo.

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