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Criminal Minds Spin Off

Criminal Minds Spin Off, In general the new team was different. CBS has released a series of photos from the Criminal Minds episode that paves the way for the spinoff series being eyed for the networks fall schedule. Now in its fifth season CRIMINAL MINDS is spawning a potential spinoff with tonights episode The Fight featuring Forest Whitaker as a guest star as the head a new team it airs on CBS check your local listings.

Are two Criminal Minds better than one Chris Mundy thinks so. Hotch and the BAU team joins up with another group in San Francisco to investigate a string of murdered homeless men. Are two Criminal Minds better than one Chris Mundy thinks so.

Forest Whitaker to star in Criminal Minds spinoff. While the series has long been rumored.

I absolutely love Criminal Minds and the episode was great with Forest Whittaker. I wasnt a fan of the spinoff idea because it didnt seem like there could be anything different about a new set of people investigating serial killers and the like.

Criminal Minds Producer on SpinOff Pilot Our World Just Got Bigger0 comments. How it would be a spin off would be interesting to see but I will remain a dedicated fan ofCriminal Minds and all of its members. This episode is meant to play as a backdoor Pilot for a spinoff series.

Criminal Minds SpinOff First Promotional Photo.

Criminal Minds Spinoff Forest WhitakerReportedly Forest Whitaker will be headlining a new spin off of Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds 2. Posted on 07 Apr 2010 at 146am.

Criminal Minds CBS New. Believe me you want these people out there following serial killers. Then the writers strike truncated Season 3. Believe me you want these people out there. Aspinoff was discussed in the third season but it was put on the back burner when Mandy Patinkin abruptly left Minds. Thanks to Perl for the heads up.

Just watched Criminal Minds with the new team that is going to be on the spin off show and I like them already Ive always loved Forest Whitaker and the rest of his team are obviously more rogue than what were used to but I think.

Criminal Minds Spinoff Article from TV Guide.

Minds 2.0 is an upcoming American police procedural drama series, also a spin-off from Criminal Minds that will premiere in September 2010 on CBS. The team in this show work in San Francisco, California, for the FBI's Behavioral Analyisis Unit (BAU). The team from Quantico, Virginia, meets the team and works with them on a case about a serial killer.

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