Friday, June 3, 2011

Katrina had Problems with Ranbir in promotion of film ‘Rajneeti

Bollywood actors Katrina Kaif  and Ranbir Kapoor were in the Capital, for the promotion of their film 'Rajneeti when just  before the press conference something went wrong between the duo and  news floured in that Kat's was upset with Ranbir.

Buzz is that, Ranbir even tried to sit next to her for the   interaction round but Katrina signaled Arjun to take the seat between   them leaving Ranbir with a puzzle look on his face.

One of the source revealed that Ranbir arrived in the hotel after  Katrina, and went straight to her room where he stayed for over an   hour. The two were having fun together and were seen flirting and   chatting with each other.

Later, during the promotions, Katrina, was deliberately seen avoiding  Ranbir. And during a stage interview, Ranbir was looking forward to sit  next to Katrina, but instead she signaled Arjun Rampal, to be seated in  between them, which left Ranbir rather puzzled and perplexed.

However, something went wrong between the two and later, Kat was seen   arriving for the interaction alone.

At the end, Katrina stood up and left without even saying good-bye to   Ranbir.

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