Monday, June 27, 2011

Motherhood Has Made Me Confident, Says Mel C

Motherhood has made me confident, says Mel CLondon: Melanie Chisholm has revealed that motherhood has made her a confident and relaxed person.

The former Spice Girl also admitted that her 17-month-old daughter Scarlet is the most important thing in her life now.

"I think motherhood has changed me a lot," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"I feel much more confident in myself and much more relaxed.

"Even though I have this huge new responsibility I feel it's changed me for the better. I just feel like I'm a grown-up now, I've stopped caring about those other pressures that seemed so important.

"Before I had Scarlet I was very selfish, it was very much about me and my career, and now I have Scarlet and she's the most important thing in my life. So everything else now takes second place. I feel much more relaxed about that and it's helped me feel more confident as a person,“ she added.

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