Monday, June 27, 2011

Padma Lakshmi”’’s baby’’s daddy is Adam Dell, confirms source

padma laxhmi 300x240 Padma Lakshmis babys daddy is Adam Dell, confirms source The father of Padma Lakshmi's baby Krishna could be venture capitalist Adam Dell, according to sources.

Dell, 40, resides in Austin and New York.

The pair had  “had an on-and-off minimal relationship that ended many, many months ago,” the New York Daily News quoted a source as saying.

The insider added: “There already is a very fair agreement in place. She doesn””t want anything from him. She”’’s juggling all of this with motherhood and preparing to go back to work and it”’’s a lot to handle.”

Meanwhile, Lakshmi said: I have a newborn! I just want some peace and privacy.”

Lakshmi's physician had said last year that the pregnancy was “nothing short of a medical miracle,” as she suffered with endometriosis.

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