Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Project Runway Season 7 Episode 12

Project Runway Season 7 Episode 12, Notwithstanding Heidi's comparison of the tents of Bryant Park to the Big Top at Coney Island, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey's sponsorship of the last Runway at Parsons seemed pretty random. The final five sat front row and watched an entire three ring circus in private; the background of each reaction shot was an unsettling ocean of empty chairs. Not much specificity to the challenge, either. "This is a circus. Now go design something."

Wait a second, guys—it's a trap!

What's Runway's favorite C-word, one whiff of which will get you tossed overboard without mercy to drown in the rough seas of Kors cackles and rolled Nina eyes?

Take a bunch of designers so close to a collection they can taste it, sear their retinas with gaudy fabrics and pyrotechnics, give them each $300 and two full days, and "high fashion" will become "costumey" in a heartbeat. It was an excellent challenge. Wide shots during Tim's first critique caught so many black-and-white stripes I thought they were workshopping Jailhouse Frock but, in the end, the C-word only came out once, and Nina didn't even say it right, she said "costume-like." So good job, everyone.

Seth Aaron knew this was his challenge from the first spun plate; it was fun watching him enjoy it. When Michael said "I'm curious about what Seth Aaron will do," I found myself in absolute agreement. His execution is delightful, his clothes so beautifully clear. You're seeing exactly what he's thinking, every single time. Crazy crotch or no, I dug the Tim Burton for Burton look, and he's masterful with a zipper.

Emilio's a good designer. He may very well win the thing. After taking a week off, the gloating is back to grating.

Did we not have ourselves the craziest fabric moment in Project Runway history on this episode? Holy poly crêpe de Chine, the judges got out of their chairs to go feel the fabric Anthony chose and laugh about it. Heidi said it: "You spent three hundred dollars on polyester?" Auf Wiedersehen, Anthony, again. We love you.

I did not want Bryant Park to be a boys' show, and I'm glad there's still a chance it won't be. Remember when Laura Bennett took all that heat for being predictable? She made some stunning clothes for that predictability to wear, and I think Mila could do the same. (Yes, I know you can find pictures of her collection on the internets. I'm choosing to wait.)

Jay's jacket was a Michael Jackson coat, Anthony said it, everyone laughed and it was true. So? They had Brittany take it off and talked about how great the pants were. WTF. Nina doesn't seem to think there's a taste issue, but that was Naughty Bellhop in a Bag.

Everyone picked themselves to win and the two designers they wanted to compete against. There's some intense animosity between Jay and Mila. I'm not surprised the producers decided to turn it into a subplot.


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