Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Emma Watson Short Hair

Judging by your response to our poll on Emma Watson’s brand new haircut, you all were as shocked as we were when the young actress announced that she chopped off all her locks. The results of the poll show that you all dig her new ‘do, but there are definitely quite a few fans out there that are rebelling against Emma switching up the hair we have come to know her for over the past decade.KERI RUSSELLEmma Watson Short Hair

Keri Russell had been around Hollywood for a good six years before JJ Abrams (yes, you read that correctly) cast her as the title character in the hit 90s show, “Felicity.” She played the young, curly-haired red head who followed her crush straight out of high school into college, and was best known for her very recognizable head of hair. However, the show nay have made one of the biggest mistakes in television history by having Keri chop off her token hair at the beginning of the second season which premiered in 1999, and watched their viewership slide quickly away afterward. Hey, at least Keri still looked cute!NATALIE PORTMAN

For a long time, Natalie Portman had been one of Hollywood and the geekdom’s most beloved actresses, but she showed how dedicated she could be to a role in 2005 when she buzzed off all her hair for “V for Vendetta.” The film did just OK in theaters and criminally underrated, and Natalie’s performance is absolutely fantastic.KRISTEN STEWART

Kristen Stewart’s decision to chop off her hair in exchange for a Joan Jett mullet for her role in “The Runaways” certainly caused some panic from the “Twilight” crowd — and from Summit Entertainment. In fact, Kristen admitted to George Lopez that Summit offered her lots of money to not chop off her hair for “The Runaways” so she could continue to use her own hair for “Eclipse” — instead she ended up in an absolutely terrible wig. No need to worry though, fans, because Kristen promises it will be her own hair we see in “Breaking Dawn.” Ah, so maybe that’s why they pushed production so far back?

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