Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yao Yao

Yao YaoYao Yao, Latest About News Update Baron Chen, Rachel Liang, Gui Gui, Being centre of attraction can be a real ego-booster. However,too much of it translates to being egotistical and difficult and that is what these celebrities are known as.

Besides being rude and unpunctual, these celebrities are also said to be difficult to work with; Taiwanese hunk Mike He and sultry babe Yao Yao are two of such examples.

Yao Yao broke into showbiz with her voluptuous 33F assets as an online game spokesperson, making her the dream girl of every otaku (colloquial term referring to nerdy guys) in Taiwan.

Yet, the 20-year-old was reported to be a difficult star to work with.

It was reported that once when Yao Yao was invited to a programme as guest and asked to change into the provided costumes, the star refused and ended up pulling out of the programme.

As for Mike He, the actor was said to be notoriously picky with the shows, events and drama projects, though the star disputes such claims.

Singer Rachel Liang was also said to be a frequent late-comer; to make things worse, the singer reportedly never apologises even when she is late.


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