Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lil Benny Died

Lil Benny Died, Washington, DC GoGo Music Legend and Icon, 46 year old, Anthony “Lil Benny DiedLittle Benny” Harley, passed away Saturday night, May 29th 2010, at a relatives house in Southeast, DC.? After suffering a major illness, a herniated disk, and hip problems, friends say that Little Benny has been sick on and off.

Little Benny was a true DC Native, attending Balou High School in Southeast, DC.? According to, his most popular tune is “Cat in the Hat”. His most incredible feat on stage was putting two horns in his mouth and playing them both at the same time.

An autopsy has been scheduled to uncover the real cause of death for this music legend.


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