Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stacy Keibler Is A Great American Wrestler

Stacy Keibler Is A Great American WrestlerStacy Keibler Is A Great American Wrestler: Stacy Keibler Is A Great American Wrestler, Stacy Ann Keibler is born in   October on 14, 1979 She is an American actress, model and former   professional wrestler and valet for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

She would appear  in World Championship Wrestling as a member of the Nitro girls early on in her short career.

She later would be Miss Hancock. Mostly, it would be for valet purposes but did have one notable storyline that had been created during that time. She was with Lenny  and Lodi when they were  briefly named Standards and Practices.

At the end of the invasion she managed The Dudley Boyz being known  as  The Duchess of Dudleyville. She ended up feuding with Torrie   Wilson for a bit. The storyline of being the valet for The Dudleys ended   once she accidently cost them a match resulting in her getting powerbombed through a table. After that feud, she would try to challenge for the Woman's Championship against Trish Stratus but would not be successful. She continued to face her but would not be successful in winning.

There is something about her personal life:

In 2000, after winning the $10,000 in the contest to become a part  of  the Nitro Girls, Keibler used the money to buy season tickets   for the Baltimore Ravens, the team for which she used to cheer.During   her days with WCW, Keibler was romantically linked with David   Flair, the son of wrestler Ric Flair.

She would later be drafted  to Smackdown and would involved in  an on-screen relationship  with Vince McMahon. She would do some storylines with "making out" with Vince during backstage segments until Stephanie McMahon came into the picture and became the General Manager.

Even if she never returns to wrestling, she would have to be considered one of the most popular involved despite having not a championship.


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