Friday, December 17, 2010

Tiffany xu

Tiffany xuTaiwanese actor Ethan Ruan is in too many sex scandals. Fortunately, his long girlfriend Tiffany Xu, star of idol TV drama, tiffany xu“It Started With A Kiss,” stands by him.

Tiffany Xu rebukes Ethan Ruan’s philandering rumors which include dumping an ex-girlfriend after impregnating her, and being the first guy to sleep with actress-singer, Esther Lau.

“Ethan is a victim. People are just making use of the opportunity to create headlines and news – they are the ones with ulterior motives. This is not true at all!” she angrily exclaimed.

Tiffany Hsu is a really trusting and forgiving girl. I think Ethan Ruan has to treasure her and care more about her feelings.

Ethan Ruan’s popularity has become red-hot after successful idol drams ???? and movie Monga. It is inevitable when a person becomes more famous, he will attract more scandals. But there are just too many of his philandering coincidences.

In February, Ethan Ruan was caught checking into a hotel with an unknown woman. He has since explained that the woman is the girlfriend of a friend who joined them later. Although the two spent the night together, they slept separately. Do you believe that?

Ethan Ruan has also admitted that Esther Lau is one of his 4 girlfriends after entering showbiz. Recently, it was reported that Ethan Ruan has intimate MSN conversations with Alice Tzeng ??? and that made Tiffany extremely jealous.

Is Ethan Ruan loyal to Tiffany Xu? What do you guys think?

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