Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Zhang Yun Jing

Zhang Yun JingLatest Update News About Zhang Yun Jing: Gotten lazy to update here. But I got to introduce this great Chinese album. This is Zhang Yun Jing, Super Idol season 1 winner, second album. This album heads towards the England rock genre, soft pop rock songs which tells stories and great to listen when you're alone. The hit song "The Opposite Me" the music is composed by Zhang Yun Jing herself but unfortunately the lyrics has been rejected 10 times and at the end it was not used. After her first album Unprecedented, I have truly became a fan of her and was highly anticipated of her second album. Now that it is released and I have heard of the whole album more than ten times I can say that this girl didn't disappoint me at all.

The first song that was released on the internet was Broken. The song didn't catches my attention at first but when the MV was released and after a few more listens I started to love this song more. Although the title is called Broken but the whole song expresses a positive thinking as things can be broken but can be fixed. The MV is also a one take all shot as it shows things are broken at first then lastly it's been fixed. Although there are very less scene of Jing but it makes us concentrate more on the song itself.

The second song that was released was The Opposite Me a song that Jing wrote and is also the name of the album. This song has become one of my favorite song in the album and you must hear her sing it live. Jing is known best for singing live. I love how the song started off soft with just the sound of an acoustic guitar then the other instruments comes in giving more of a rockish feel. I also love the MV that portrays Jing not giving up and working hard for her dream.

Third song The One is the theme song of Oh My Lady! Mandarin dubbed. It is a light and up beat song not exactly my favorite but it's not bad.

Fourth song Love's Option is also one of my favorite song in this album, it has a very smothering melody especially the chorus part and with Jing's voice. The MV is also very unique, Cindi Wang is featured in the MV portraying two different people lifestyle within the same place.

Fifth song Cease Contact, I love this song the more I listen the more I like it. It has a softer and slow melody which is best to listen when you're alone or before sleeping.

Sixth song Quit Loving You, I first heard a live version of this and to be honest I didn't like it that much I thought it was quiet boring but maybe because of the poor quality. I only started to like this song a lot after 3 or 4 listen of the CD version. Now this song has became a song where I could repeat for ages. I would love to see a better quality live version of this and of course piano version played by Jing would be awesome.

You Are The Sole has a really calm feel especially the chorus part where some of the lyrics are sang softer. This is also one which is best to listen is you want to have some time alone by yourself as it really gets you into the mood.

I was a bit iffy about Feel My Galmour at first but when I had it up loud with my headphone and pictured Jing singing it live I became to like this song more. I really think this song can lift the mood up during live or concert.

Message wasn't one of my favorite song, most probably one of my least favorite song. Somehow it gives me a feeling that it's suitable for one of those ancient old dramas. I guess one reason that I didn't like it that much was how Jing sounded, a little too deep.

Almost Healed is the last song in the album, I don't either really like or dislike this song. But I liked how the title is almost healed where as the whole feeling of the song is you're not even healed like you're just lying to yourself.

Overall I really love this album, the more I listen to it the more I love each songs and I really recommend this if you just want to listen to something when you're alone or about to sleep. I love how the titles are contrast of each other for example Broken and Almost Healed, Quit Loving You and You Are The Sole. Comparing to her first album I think this album has more songs that I like.


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