Monday, January 10, 2011

Spencer Pratt Takes a Break to Fight Cyber Crime

Fans of Hills were surprised to know last week that Spencer Pratt was not going to manage Heidi Montag’s career. Moreover, it turned out that Pratt was going to leave the reality show as he intended to pursue a career in fighting cyber crime.

In fact those facts contradict each other and a rep for Pratt confirms that Spencer will be a part of ‘The Hills’ season six.

It became known that Pratt is studying software engineering with a focus on encryption at USC which gives him the possibility to work for the American Defense Enterprises.

According to Pratt, after learning the declaration of President Obama which says that cyber threat is considered to be one of the most important as well as serous economic and national security challenges, he decided to devote his free time to helping America come across this and also other unforeseeable challenges.

Pratt wants to do his part in coping with the technological superiority of the U.S. military as well as avert emerging technologies from impending the security of the nation. That is why he decided to take a break in filming MTV’s ‘The Hills.’

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