Thursday, March 3, 2011

‘Lindsay Lohan’s Linda Lovelace is a big mistake’-Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan's forthcoming film Linda Lovelace is currently appealing to audiences due to her role as 1970s adult-film star in the movie but her father Michael Lohan feels the opposite way everyone thinks. He says that it is a big mistake being made by Lindsay.  

Senior Lohan said, "Mark my words, it's a blunder and the film will flop." Moreover he also blames his ex-wife, Dina Lohan for ruining their girl's career.

He said, "Look at the films she did, and the career she had while she had a mother and father in her life. I'm talking about 'Parent Trap' through 'Mean Girls.' Then look at everything after she had only her mother in her life. You and your 'team' have done and continue to do a great job, Dina."  

The father insists his girl to stay in rehab stating which he said, "Regardless, Lindsay doesn't need to be looking at or doing any films, music or anything right now, she needs REHAB! She will never be herself or be able to perform to the best of her ability, as long as she is on prescription medication!"


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