Saturday, March 5, 2011

True Blood Night On The Sun

True Blood Night On The SunLatest News Update About True Blood Night On The Sun: A now awake Sookie is ready to rethink her relationship with Bill. He's hurt her so much she doesn't know whether it's worth it to forgive him anymore. Well DUH Sookie. Bill can't give her the life she deserves so they break up and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Especially Tara who is still the voice of reason this entire episode. She may be going through stuff of her own but she's the only one who will call Sookie out on her b.s. and try to make her see reason. Unfortunately for her it never works and Sookie still believes in Bill. Sigh. Tara is back at home but finding it hard to deal after what she's been through. She suffers the most common side effect of drinking vampire blood and has dreams of Franklin in the shower. I appreciate these scenes very much. I miss Franklin.

Bill goes back home reasonably depressed and finds Jessica happy to see him. As his maker he releases her but she's not having it. She doesn't want to be alone and thinks it's selFish-in-Water-Belt-Buckle-246.html' target='_blank'>fish of him not to train her to become a proper vampire. He teaches her some fighting techniques but seems a bit skimpy on the whole "when do I stop drinking before I drain someone" thing. She's gonna need those fighting skills because Russell and his werewolf minions are on the hunt for Sookie.

Back home Sam is dealing with his brother's attitude around Merlotte's and Arlene is dealing with her guilt about the real father of her baby. She dreams Rene is back and worries his blood will cause her baby to be like him. Guilt is obviously doing wonders to this pregnant woman. Jason gets a surprise visit from Crystal who's all wet and hiding out from whoever gave her the massive black eye she's got. While she stays at Jason's, Jason goes off in search of her dad with a shot gun. He just thinks he's bad ass now that he's a baby cop doesn't he? He walks in on some crazy guy eating a dead deer or something and freaks out. What are these people hiding?

Eric asks Hadley to deliver a message to Sookie. He's home alone with Talbot and warns Sookie that Russell is looking for her and that she should not trust Bill. Well, one of those is useful because we know she's never gonna give up on Bill. Debbie and her wolf friends invade Sookie's house. Each werewolf is met by either Bill or Jessica and Debbie goes to face Sookie herself. Sookie doesn't use the shotgun but instead they kick eachother's asses for awhile. After slicing Debbie with some scissors, I finally think that Sookie is gonna pull the trigger but she lets her go. Grr.

Outside Bill is met by Russell who tortures Bill with a little silver and makes him suffer for awhile. Little does he know that back home Talbot is getting bored. He's alone with Eric and things get heavy real quick. Eric in keeping with his plan of revenge does what he needs to do with Talbot if you get my drift. Then, he grabs a makeshift stake and kills Talbot. Yikes. Killed in the middle of sex with Eric has to suck. You know what else sucks? This Sookie and Bill breakup. It lasted like two seconds. Once Russell leaves, Bill and Sookie get back together. It hasn't even been a day! Oy. These kids.

Funniest Quotes of the Night:

Talbot: You can buy your way out of anything can't you?

Russell: Of course I can, this is America.

Talbot: I'm bored. Take your clothes off.

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