Thursday, May 26, 2011

Katt Williams is Sued $ 1 Million for His Aggressive Dog

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Comic Katt Williams is confronting a million-dollar lawsuit charged by a recording studio proprietor over a dog aggression. Merion Powers as well claims that the rapper/actor punched him when his guard constrained him from behind.

Powers possesses the taping studio that Williams, 36, used to disc his comedy routines. Once he attempted to accumulate the $28,600 rent bill from him, Williams allegedly got awful and came on at the studio in Oct 2009 with his “aggressive dog.”

According to the case registered in Fulton County Superior Court, which is incurred by, Williams told the dog a verbal statement and the dog swooped on another dog possessed by Powers. The wounded pup demanded vet discourse.

In Dec, Williams asked the proprietor to meet him at the Four Seasons Hotel to talk over the incident. Powers met the role player at the hotel and assured him he was having in mind filing criminal accuses over the dog case.

Williams then supposedly endangered to kill him while his aggressive dog encircled him. One of Williams’ guards constrained him from behind while the “Wild ‘n Out” comedian punched him in the face. Williams’ aggressive dog was evidently expecting the attack command.

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