Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dancing with the Stars 2010 Finale Updates, Winner and Results

Dancing with the Stars 2010  Finale Updates , Winner and results. The winner of the DWTS 2010 will be  announced later tonight and who do you think will be the ultimate  survivor Nicole Scherzinger, Evan Lycasek or Erin Andrews?

Each couple preformed two dances on Monday’s episode. A redemption  dance, one performed poorly in an early episode, and a freestyle dance  that had no rules. The top two celebrities and their partners will  perform two more dances on Tuesday’s episode before a winner is chosen.

Scherzinger and Lysacek have been among the top scorers in the ballroom  all season. Last week, Andrews joined them, earning a 29 out of a  possible 30 for her habanero-hot paso doble.

“As an athlete, I’ve had trouble not focusing on technique and  control,” Lysacek says. “One thing I’ve learned from this, the worst  thing you can do is worry about what is creating every line perfectly  and worrying about judges’ scores and points. The best thing to do is  relax, have fun and let go.”

This season’s eliminated contestants – the NFL’s Chad  Ochocinco, comic Niecy Nash, reality stars Kate  Gosselin and Jake Pavelka, astronaut Buzz  Aldrin and actors Pamela Anderson, Shannen  Doherty and Aiden Turner – will appear on  Tuesday night’s broadcast on ABC at 8 p.m..

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