Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jesse James” ‘fifth mistress sued him for sexual harassment after affair’

Jesse James seems to have got stuck in a never-ending trouble.

In addition to four alleged mistresses, a fifth woman, called Merilee Gerth, has come out to claim that she was sexually involved with Sandra Bullock's husband, reports

The former employee of James' West Coast Choppers shop is also said to be a former topless dancer at a San Diego club called Pacers.

She sued James for sexually harassing her after their relationship ended and reportedly received 700,000 dollars as settlement.

“Merilee had irrefutable evidence of her affair with Jesse so they ended up settling out of court,” the New York Daily News quoted a friend as saying.

Except all the e-mails they shared, Merilee had some other evidences to prove her side.

“He was terrified of the emails and other evidence that she had against him, a friend of Merilee’’s said.

“What he didn”t know was that she had saved a shirt that had his DNA on it from one of their sexual encounters and that was what sunk him.

“Jesse and Merilee dated for a little while years before he met Sandra, so Jesse said that it was an old shirt from when they dated, the source added.

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