Sunday, May 22, 2011

MCI Boss Ketan Desai Was Arrested Last Night By CBI

Desai was arrested late last night after the CBI conducted searches at his office here following information that he  along with his associate Jitender Pal Singh was allegedly demanding a bribe of Rs  two crore to recognise a college in Punjab, CBI spokesperson Harsh Bahal said  today.

Bahal said that Desai along with Singh and  another associate Dr Kanwaljit Singh of Gyan Sagar Medical College in  Punjab have been arrested by CBI on corruption charges.

The spokesperson said that the three were being interrogated and  searches were going on at six other places in Delhi and outside.

Three other officials of the MCI were also arrested along with Desai. There are reports that an associate of Ketan  Desai was caught with Rs two crore in cash.

The agency also conducted raids in Punjab, Delhi and Gujarat to trace  Desai’s other associates.

The main objectives of the Medical  Council include maintenance of uniform standards of medical education  and recommendation for recognition/de-recognition of medical  qualifications of medical institutions of India or foreign countries.

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