Sunday, May 22, 2011

Erica Blasberg Is Dead. Was it a Suicide?

Erica Blasberg is a bright young star, she had turned pro in 2004. She has never finished higher than eighth place she competed only one LPGA tournament this year.

According to her friend, Jay Beckman, all her life she was playing golf, and probably she burned out a little.

One should admit that Blasberg worked hard in order to get the game back. She practiced each day at the Southern Highlands Golf Club which is situated in Las Vegas. The golfer was going to attend another tournament.

Everyone was shocked when learned that she was found dead on Sunday in the home of her friend Henderson, Nev. She was going to Alabama in order to try in qualifying a tournament.

According to a big number of reports, police is conducting a death investigation as a standard procedure.

Erica’s father, Mel Blasberg said that it looks like she made a decision to take her own life, but at the same time it looks strange and unreal. The family of the dead star is waiting for the police that will help them clear the whole situation.

Toxicology tests were conducted by the Clark County Coroner due to which one could determine a cause. But one should waiter for six to eight weeks in order to get results.

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