Thursday, May 12, 2011

NFL Draft Grades 2010, 2011 NFL Mock Draft

The player which all the teams wanted was Oklahoma State tremendous  athlete Dez Bryant. He is now with Dallas Cowboys. Dez is a talented  player and has amazing size, speed, strength and quickness. He will  bring a spark in the Cowboys as he provides immediate and dynamic  playmaking presence on the ground.

In Round 4 Jason Fox – OT (Miami) got a grade B+, In Round 3 Amari  Spievey – CB (Iowa) got a grade A-, in Round 2 Jahvid Best – RB  (California) got a grade A and in Round 1 Ndamukong Suh – DT (Nebraska)  got a grade A+.Now comes on the New York Giants Report Card, In Round 1 Jason  Pierre-Paul (DE, South Florida) got a grade B-, In Round 2 Linval  Joseph (DT, East Carolina) got A grade, In Round 3 Chad Jones (Safety,  LSU) got B grade, In Round 4 Phillip Dillard (Linebacker, Nebraska) got  C-, In Round 5 Mitch Petrus (OG, Arkansas) got A+.

The first round of NFL Draft has already been greatly dissected, and  the second, third and final round disputes are under way. Yesterday, the  Panthers and Browns possibly will have improved their draft grades 2010  by getting Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy, one time they stopped down.

So we’re taking a little bit of a different view on the grades. After  the jump you’ll find some grades other gave, if that sort of thing  appeases you. Then we have some thoughts on the perception of the picks  and what the reality just may be.

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