Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Review

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Review| Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Movie Review| Rama Rama Krishna Krishna MovieRama Rama Krishna Krishna Review, Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Movie Review, Rama Rama Krishna Krishna Movie: Rama Rama Krishna Krishna comes with the tag of being Keeravani's 200th soundtrack. So, what should a composer do special in his 200th soundtrack? The title song, Oola ulala and Lera chanti are adequate, catchy tracks that get the rhythm and hooks perfectly right, while Daler's Thu go jilla is terribly stale. Countdown's alleged-mod sound is plain exasperating, but the veteran composer scores really well in Endukila, a pensive power-melody, orchestrated beautifully with shades of Masakali's key instrument! To answer that question in the beginning, no, Keeravani doesn't do anything special – its business as usual even in his 200th film!

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ElUfjctR9OU/S6YeZn81G5I/AAAAAAAASNU/TZYkB_k_-AI/s640/Rama+Rama+Krishna+Krishna+Movie+Stills1.jpghttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/_RxAc6SIeYlY/S7-Atj53N6I/AAAAAAAAAZs/jigHAvyGK4Q/s1600/Rama+Rama+Krishna+Krishna+Press+Meet2.jpgKeywords: Ram, Priya, Dil Raju, MM Keeravani


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