Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 surgeries might cost Heidi Montag her health: Docs

Heidi Montag3 300x214 10 surgeries might cost Heidi Montag her health: Docs Doctors claim actress Heidi Montag may face many health problems because of her multiple plastic surgeries.

Montag, 23, who went under the knife ten times, has seriously risked her life, according to doctors.

The actress' ten surgeries include breast implants, facial plastic surgery and liposuction in neck, all done in a day some five months ago.

That could potentially cause her health issues from back problems to stringy neck muscles, say medical experts.

“The extraordinarily large breast implants that she had put in are excessive for her size, and that will become an issue in the future," says Dr. Brian S. Glatt, board-certified plastic surgeon and director of the Premier Plastic Surgery Center.

“She can predispose herself to spine problems down the road, just from the weight of the implants,” he added.

The risk of infections and other complications rises when surgery takes longer than six hours, says Dr. Angelo Cuzalina, president-elect of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

“You are more at risk for a blood clot, these usually occur within four weeks after surgery. The worry is that it could release and go to the lungs, and that is life-threatening,” The New York Daily News quoted Dr. Angelo as saying.


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