Sunday, May 22, 2011

Roselyn Sanchez

Roselyn SanchezLatest News Update About Roselyn Sanchez: We told you Roselyn Sanchez won't be participating in ABC's pilot Cutthroat because of her accent and the actress has expressed her feelings about the whole thing. She sent a message to her fans saying: "My worst nightmare just happened. Got let go of the pilot Cut Throat for ABC because of my ACCENT. I have spoken about the struggle I have faced because of having an accent, but after 15 years working consistently on hugely successful movies and doing almost five years on a very successful TV show, to be discriminated this way feels awful. I pride myself on being Latina, growing up in Puerto Rico and moving to America to follow a dream, regardless of the way I speak. I'm sad and disgusted. Thank God my faith doesn't waiver and I know for a fact that when one door closes it's because a huge garage is about to open for you. Onward and upward."

Onward and upward is right!

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