Saturday, May 28, 2011

Studio N Telugu News Channel

Studio N Telugu News Channel, After seeing that almost every political party is supported by a TV new channel like Congress – Sakshi TV, Telugu Desam – ETV, Studio N, TRS – Raj TV and nobody really interested in showing new related to prajarajyam and its activities, Chiranjeevi decided to start own channel.

Recently he talked about this with his brother-in-law , Allu Aravind and they are now working on how much funding is required to launch a new channel or take over an existing new channel.

This new channel is expected to launch in 2011 and will air all news related to megafamily's movies and prajarajyam's political activity.

Chiru also had a proposal of starting a daily newspaper which can reach more people but since it takes more time, effort and money it was not considered now.

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