Thursday, May 26, 2011

White House Correspondents’ Festivities Kicked off

One of the earliest: Kim Kardashian, who is guest of Fox News. Kim’s spike Louboutin trials were not for navigating the entire lawn of the home, at that place party took place. They did not stop her from giving autographs on the same time mingling in the crowd that included.

Ok…who was Kim waiting at that night for dinner??? I think that was president and first lady. And then when she was asked about the boyfriend situation she replied absolutely nothing. Anyway, so maybe she will find one nice political guy? She said she will see about that but yes not with enthusiasm she replied.

Obviously, at that time, the cause of the party was the Mother’s Day Every Day organization. All the guest were asked to say what there mother's taught them, now on this Kim said that his mother told to be yourself…Arianna Huffington on this replied to "be fearless".

Similarly, when it was turn of Steven Weber's mom advice, the words were "Swallow your pit". Yeah! There were really so many cool advices which brought smile on everybody's face…it was really great that people still believe over their mom's advice.

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