Friday, June 3, 2011

Casey James Mugshot � American Idol Season 9 Finale Today

Star Magazine has a preview of Casey James mugshot when he was arrested  for DWI in 2001 and 2002. He served time in county jail for offenses of  driving while intoxicated, driving with an invalid license and reckless  driving.

Much to the surprise of his fans, the  American Idol hopeful wasn’t only spending his time playing his  guitar and singing before he entered the fierce televised competition.  In November 2001, Casey spent one month in jail and was fined $200 for  reckless driving.

Today’s Star Magazine issue has Casey James’s mug shot from his DWI in 2001. There’s a little teaser up on their site and you an pick up the magazine for more info. For the interested parties, here’s the one they posted on their site.

Casey started getting speeding tickets at the tender age of 17 (who  didn't? OK, I didn't!), was arrested for DWI back in 2001 (mug shot  above) and was busted two more times for reckless driving and driving  with an invalid license, which earned him a one-month jail sentence in  2003.

BUT, thankfully Casey has reached a much higher place in life and has  most definitely learned from his mistakes. ?Last night he continued to  melt the hearts of girls across America with that sexy voice and his  guitar strummin' skills.

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