Thursday, June 30, 2011

ICC T20 World Cup 2010 Schedule: Australia vs West Indies (AUS vs WI) Live Streaming, Highlights

Hosts West Indies meet a red-hot Australia in the final game before  the semi-finals knowing well that only a win can assure them of a spot  in the final four. Michael Clarke’s Aussies recorded wins against  Pakistan and Bangladesh in the group stages before going on to crush  India and Sri Lanka in the Super 8’s, in effect almost assuring  themselves of progression.

Australia players are inform and are in a winning  spree. Australia has won there both matches and have confirmed there  berth for Semis. But they will try to continue there winning procedure  further by beating West Indies.

West Indies have lost one and won one and this match  is crucial for them to get to Semis. So West Indies will try to win the  match and confirm there berth for Semis. As this match going to be more  interesting. Watch the action of 21st Match of ICC T20 World Cup  (2010).

Australia vs West Indies is the first exciting and high tension match  of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup 2009. This is the Group C match and all the three  major teams are placed in this groups. Australia, West Indies and Sri  Lanka will be fighting together for the super 8. Really a tough group as  all three teams are tough competitors. Aussies will be trying their  best to win their first match so as to strengthen their position in  super 8.

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