Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jenelle 16 And Pregnant

Jenelle 16 And Pregnant Latest News updates, On tonight's 16 and Pregnant premiere, we met Jenelle, who was 100 percent positive that she wanted to keep her child — even though her mother had recommended both abortion and adoption. Remote Control followed up with Jenelle to find out what factored into her decision and to see where she's at now with her family, as well as Baby Jace's father. Check out her update below…A little awkward, but it's good to see Jenelle moving on!

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And here's a complete transcription of the date:

Jenelle: One time I was cutting a piece of bread and I cut right through onto my – see that diagonal spot right there on my finger? Yeah, and I had to get stitches.

Jared: (nods) I cut into my shin with a chainsaw one time.

Jenelle: One thing you have to know about me, I love bread and butter.

Jared: Yeah. I'm glad I get to take you out somewhere like this'

Jenelle: Yeah, when I dated Andrew he never toook me out. He, when I first met him, the first Valentine's Day, he got me this ring. I only keep this ring because I like it! (laughs) Not because of him. So then, um, he got me this with earrings and a necklace to match with it, and that was like $600. But after that, he didn't get me nothing. He had money from modeling because he used to model in New York, but he spent all 7, no $14,000 on alcohol. Yeah. It's sad.

Jared: Yeah, that is really sad.

Jenelle: Well when I axed him to buy me like a lip ring or something, he said, "No. I don't have the money." You see, Andrew he's – well see, I have no trouble with like just sitting down and chilling, but he sat in his room in his house every day all day watching TV, staring at the television all day every day, from morning til night. That's all he did – didn't work or nothing – that's it. And evry time I'd go over there that's all we would do, watch TV. It wasn't that interesting.

Jenelle: I have to be home by eight because Jace, I have to go watch him.

Jared: He's a beautiful kid. He looks like you. He has your eyes.

Jenelle: I'm so happy he don't have brown eyes. I mean, no offense, I don't want him looking anything like Andrew. (Laughs) Like at all! So…

Jared: (tugs his ear, looking away)

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