Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lucy Lawless to go nude for ”Spartacus’

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'Xena: Warrior Princess' star Lucy Lawless will soon be seen nude in new series ”Spartacus'.

The actress has apparently filmed steamy scenes with both men and women for the Starz show.

Moreover, some actors have apparently used prosthetic sex parts.

“I think everyone’’s got [a merkin] just for fun,” Fox News quoted Lawless as telling

She added: “Mine, I haven”t had to break it out yet. Though [laughs] next season, maybe! Yeah, wait for it!”

Referring to the character she plays, she said: “My character is not supposed to be ripped. She’’s a woman. It’’s Ancient Rome.

"It’’s not like they were popping off to the gym every two seconds, but they were very image conscious, that’’s for sure.”

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