Sunday, June 19, 2011

Winfrey’s lover walked out on her in middle of the night, says book

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A tell-all book on talk show host Oprah Winfrey has revealed that her lover musician John Tesh had walked out on her in the middle of the night.

According to Kitty Kelley's upcoming biography, Tesh, 57, took off in the middle of the night because his interracial relationship with Winfrey, 56, was too much to handle.

An exclusive excerpt from the biography claims the talk-show queen, who was barely out-of-her-teens, enjoyed a 1970s live-in romance with Tesh, and they both shared her Nashville apartment.

But the "social pressure" on an interracial couple in Tennessee at that time proved too much for Tesh to handle.

"He said one night he looked down and saw his white body next to her black body and couldn't take it anymore," the New York Daily News quoted another Tesh ex-paramour as telling Kelley.

"He walked out in the middle of the night. … He told me he later felt very guilty about it," the person added.

Winfrey's spokeswoman Angela DePaul said on April 10 that there were no comments from the talk show host on the highly anticipated book.

A phone call and an e-mail to Tesh's spokespeople were not returned.

The book, 'Oprah', due out April 13, already ranks No. 19 on the best sellers list based on pre-orders.


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