Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tamil Actor Goundamani Dead News in TamilNadu Family photos

According to the hospital  sources Goundamani was suffering from breathing  problems.  After hearing his death rumor many celebrities and  friends rushed to the hospital.

Goundamani is a Tamil film actor  and comedian. Goundamani was born  in Kannampalayam,a village in  Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu,India. He gained  entry into the Tamil film  industry Kollywood due to his strong  Theatrical background.

As per the sources( not confirmed), Tamil comedian Goundamani died   today. In recent days, he was in an quite unhealthy condition.

His actual name is Mani but he famously portrayed the role of a  Oor-Gounder in one of his Stage plays and from then on he came to be  known as Goundamani. He started acting in films at his age of 26 and  until then he was doing stage shows.

The Sources Said that he is still alive and fighting for life at Hospital

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