Sunday, July 10, 2011

Babies Movie

Babies MovieBabies Movie, Who doesn't love babies? Guess most of us do and will love to watch "Babies" the movie. Adorable babies namely Bayar, Hattie, Mari and Ponijao stars of the Babies: The Movie are allowed to go about their day doing what they do naturally, without interface from adults in any way. There is just moments that enlarge into scenes that give the spectator a very candid and personal look at the lives of these four little beings as they learn and adapt to the new world around them with very less dialog and no subtitles.

This idea of making a movie for babies is from its producer Alain Chabat and was directed by Thomas Balmes.

The filmmakers definitely wanted to show how far removed the Western, especially American, birth and infant experience is.

It's sad to say that it's not available in all theaters due to its small budget. Guess we have to wait until the full length is uploaded in the net for us to see it.

Meanwhile, here's the trailer of Babies: The Movie:


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