Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Katrina Sister Isabel Kaif MMS Scandal Blue Film

Katrina Sister Isabel Kaif MMS Scandal Blue FilmKatrina Kaif insure now in the Bollywood where she is busy to give interviews to improve its image there. When The Sun journalist boasted of her sister Isabel Kaif MMS appearance in a MMS scandal which is available on the Internet and free to download, she was quick to talk them down and said that the men no longer looked at it unless they were gay.

“All the men who love me are gay,” she said. “It’s true. But I love gay. ”

In Bollywood also said she often worked full the photographs, but the reason was not that she was generally in file but her face is just like that.

“Sometimes when I see pictures of me then I think: full your cow!”

“But I think this is just my normal face stroke.”

“If people like how I look, it’s great, but if not then it is also okay.”

Isabel Kaif? has described his life in interview and says she still get stars in your eyes when she meets celebrities such as Katrina Kaif.

It would therefore be well to say that the show was Katrina Kaif contain many poses without dress.If the

“t was a series of red dragline and when it was time for me to greet her when I stood myself to bow to me,” she said. I was totally, loving, this is Isabel Kaif? scandal video clip!” Unbelievable but true, she knew who we were with Salman Khan and we came together. We’re both mothers with young children, so we exchanged numbers and I look forward to seeing her again. Katrina Kaif is friends with many celebrities in Bollywood including Aamir Khan.

She claims to not be on the way into the film business. I am a terrible actress,” she admitted in an interview with The Mirror. All I think is just a friend of Isabel Kaif? and Toms to get to come out of a film but it is not true. I’ve rejected a lot of roles.”


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