Friday, August 12, 2011

Grey S Anatomy Finale

Grey S Anatomy FinaleGrey S Anatomy Finale: Latest update news about Grey S Anatomy Finale, This is Spoilers Anonymous In-Depth, a weekly column here at TV Squad where we discuss and give our two cents about recently-released spoilers and how they may affect the storylines, shows and fans. This in-depth version of the column goes hand in hand with our weekly spoilers column where we supply you with the dirt on some of the more popular shows on the air.

This week we discuss various spoilers recently released for the final episodes of ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

Show creator Shonda Rhimes is usually really good at keeping spoilers limited, especially for season finales. However, a few good spoilers got leaked this for this week’s two-hour season finale. Some, even released in official ABC teasers! Did she purposefully released these spoilers out in the world to create a buzz or is there a leak on the set?

A good number of spoilers were released for the finale but I’ll tackle only two of them:

- Meredith takes a pregnancy test which comes out positive. Even if unplanned, Meredith is happy with the news. In the teaser, she tells Cristina before telling Derek.

- A crazed gunman will be on the loose in the hospital and the gunman and his victims will all be familiar faces.

Around the second season of the series, I started to develop a hate-hate relationship for George, Izzie and, mostly, Meredith. Luckily for me, George and Izzie are now gone of the series. However, I’m stuck with always-whining Meredith Grey. Even though I would prefer Meredith off the show as well, I welcome the news that she is pregnant. However, for me to fully embrace this Meredith, Derek must be on-board with the upcoming baby.

From the teaser, Meredith does seem happy with the news. So if Derek is fully committed, then, she’ll surely have a positive pregnancy. This setting means that Meredith will more than likely be less whiny than usual. I also welcomed the pregnancy news because this means Meredith will be seen less at the hospital during her last months of the pregnancy and in the few weeks after the birth. Less Meredith is always a welcomed news in my book, you?

Even if future parents are on board, it’s likely that the birth of their child will go smoothly. It is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ we are talking about after all. If Meredith doesn’t give birth during a rather traumatic event or in an unusual place, it wouldn’t be surprising if she ends up having problems with the baby near birth or during labor and that Dr. Addison Montgomery is called back to Seattle Grace to help Meredith deliver a healthy baby. Another crossover in the making!

As for the crazed gunman storyline, what’s interesting is that fans will recognize the gunman and some victims will be familiar. I highly doubt that the gunman will be an hospital employee. My money is on an ex-patient or the family member of an ex-patient out for revenge for either having made their condition worse or for the death of the ex-patient.

Rumors have it that a few Mercy Westers are not set to return next season. Therefore, it would be likely that a few of them fall victim to the gunman. There hasn’t been recent chatter about a major character leaving the show after the finale, so I don’t expect any of the series regulars to die in this episode. With this info in hand, the victims may not really have a huge impact on fans. However, it would be possible that a few major characters get severely injured, which could make the event rather emotional for all.

Having seen a few teasers for the finale and about the gunman storyline, the most gripping tidbit I’ve seen is when Bailey is hiding under a bed and someone grabs her (it’s near the end of the teaser below). The look on Bailey’s face is of pure fear for her life. Will she be one of the injured?

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