Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jennifer Aniston looks up to Drew Barrymore for inspiration

jennifer aniston3 241x300 Jennifer Aniston looks up to Drew Barrymore for inspiration Jennifer Aniston credits Drew Barrymore with inspiring her to undergo a career 'rebirth' in Hollywood.

The former 'Friends' has revealed that she desires to start her life all over again and its successful women such as Barrymore and Demi Moore who she wants to emulate.

“The last five years have been about spring cleaning for me. Now it’’s time for my rebirth. I love trying new things. I can”t just be put in a box," the Daily Express quoted Aniston as telling Harper’’s Bazaar.

“I love what Drew Barrymore is doing with directing. It’’s so much about a rebirth for her, and I love it when people are living in the now, like her. I hate it when people look back and regret what they haven”t got. That’’s how I feel about my own life now. And my God, let’’s talk about how much I love Demi Moore as well. What kind of Kool-Aid is she drinking?

“I grew up admiring strong women like journalist Barbara Walters and super-agent Sue Mengers, who represented Ali McGraw. But now look where we”ve got to as women. We”ve had a woman run for President. There is nothing like our power,” she added.

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