Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Napalm Definition Death

Napalm Definition Death, It is almost impossible for any interview not to turn into a political conversation when the main speaker is Mark "Barney" Greenway – frontman of the legendary outfit Napalm Death. Apart from analysing the current political situation, we also managed to say a few things about the band's latest release "The Code is Red…Long Live the Code", remembered a not so pleasant incident with the Russian band Korroziya Mettala and to talk about his active role in a musicians union. Hi Barney – it's really good to finally be able to host one of your interviews on Get Ready to Rock. In less that an hour we are going to see Napalm Death performing at the Koko/Camden for the promotion of your latest release "The Code is Red…Long Live the Code". Is tonight the last day of the tour?

Barney: No, we have one more show which we are going to do in Birmingham.

So, is that always the case? Do you always make sure that the last day of your UK tour is in your hometown?

Barney: Well, we did it on the last tour and it worked out really well, so we also decided to do the same on this one.What is your impression of the tour?

Barney: It's been great! What we did is…because the album was out in April which was, and still is a festival season, we thought that rather than just doing the festivals, we also wanted to do a proper tour and make the most out of the album release time. We decided to do a full tour, but that of course carries a risk at this time of a year, because most people are going to the festivals. What we did was to put gigs right between the festivals and it seems to have worked really well, because we managed to pull quite a lot of people to our shows.

How many people of the audience that attended your gigs were younger fans?

Barney: The real irony is that, as the band gets older, it attracts younger people. Especially this year, it's a mixture of young and old, and we also have a lot more girls than we used to in the past. That is great, because music is meant for everyone, not just one type of people.

Based on your experience and knowledge of the way the music industry works, what is it in your music that still manages to attract young people?Napalm Death has been around for ages – what is your secret?

Barney: I like to think that it's because we are a very honest band. We say what we think, we play the way we want to play, and we don't do it to please the industry. I think that it's like that – there is definitely a sense of adventure inNapalm Death for sure. I don't mean that in a melodramatic sense: I mean that in a sense that we are not playing by anybody's rules and regulations – we do what we want to do, and we have always done so.

It's good that you mentioned that, because I always believed that if these were not your principals, you may have made a huge but temporary success, but you would not have been here today with us, after so many years.

Barney: That's kind of hypothetical really. I have seen the way the industry works on a certain level that I don't particularly like and I don't really think that I could ever be a part of that. You have to get joy out of what you do, but I have seen a few things through the years that turn me off completely.Napalm Death has managed to remove themselves from that stuff, so it's hard for me to imagine how things would be like otherwise.

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