Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rebecca Hall is a Reason of Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes’ Separation

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Everyone was shocked to learn that Kate Winslet and her husband Sam Mendes decided to break in a seemingly amicable split.

But still a lot of media sources say that Kate Winslet was greatly frustrated by the fact that Sam has a friendship with actress Rebecca Hall.

The Daily Mail reports that 27-year-old Rebecca who is considered to be the daughter of theatre director as well as founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Peter Hall, became a person who solaced Sam as his six-year marriage came to an end.

Sam and Rebecca first met in 2006 when filming Starter For 10, and last summer they worked again together when Sam cast London-born Rebecca in two productions in the British capital and Ney York.

Still a friend of film maker claims that there is not any relationship between Rebecca and Sam, they are just good friends as they have been working on the Bridge Project.

As for Kate Windslet, her long-term friend and also co-star Leonardo DiCaprio is going to help her through her current marital troubles.

According to a source, Kate and Leo are like sister and brother since they filmed in Titanic together. Also they worked together in Revolutionary Road.

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