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Michelle Bombshell Mcgee Website

Michelle Bombshell Mcgee Website, The planet came to a screeching halt when it was revealed that Jesse James had the cojones to cheat on his Oscar winning wife, Sandra Bullock. Everyone loves this woman and he had to go and bang some twenty dollar hooker looking chick?

We've heard that the mistress, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, was paid a small sum of just $30,000 to reveal all of the sordid details about banging Jesse. And it goes all the way down to the texts that she received from him. So gross.

A source said that the stripper was paid $30,000 for her story of his penis size, underwear and condom issues. Stay classy, you.

The tattoo'd reported racist claims that Jesse was still sexting her as late as this week. Jesse has already apologized to Sandra publicly yesterday, however he wasn't specific as to what the apology was for. He did say that most of the allegations were untrue and that he displayed "poor judgment". Which means that he could have either cheated or purchased the wrong color curtains for their home.

Nithyananda Yuvarani Hot Video Sex Scandal Shocks India

Nithyananda Affair with Tamil Actress Yuvarani New Video | Nithyananda new video came  out | Nityananda and Tamil Actress Yuvarani Affair

Nithyananda Yuvarani Full Video Revealed: The police in  Tamil Nadu claimed to have found another video featuring actress Yuvarani.  The police claim that the swami is completely nude in the new video. Yuvarani has acted as Rajinikanth's sister in the film 'Basha' and also acted  with top Tamil heroes like Vijay.

The news of  Nityananda's sex scandal sent a shockwave all over India.  Immediately after the news, angry mob ransacked various institutions  established by Nityananda. News reports said that the video clip was  secretly recorded by one of the disciples of Nityananda named Nithya  Dharmananda alias Lenin.

However the police have not leaked the video.

Hannah Montana creators sue Disney for $5M

miley cyrus 1 Hannah Montana creators sue Disney for $5M The Disney channel has been sued by creators of the Miley Cyrus-starrer TV show Hannah Montana for 5 million dollars.

According to owners of the hit TV show Barry O”Brien and Richard Correll, the reason for suing the channel is that the creators of the show were not rewarded with their deserving bonuses, reports

According to Barry and Richard they should be given ” 7.5 percent in contingent bonus compensation.”

The duo also complains that they were never given books for maintaining proper accounts, and they were also never allowed to scrutinize the books.

The legal papers say that creator Richard was “terminated as a series director on “Hannah Montana” and as a director of any and all other Disney programs without warning and without cause.”

Edwin Valero On Suspiccion of Killing His wife Jennifer Viera

Boxing once again is in the news for the wrong reasons. ?Edwin  Valero, the former WBC lightweight champion who has had numerous  troubles since he came on the scene a few years ago, is now being held  in a Venezuela jail on suspicion that he murdered his wife Jennifer  Viera.

Former lightweight champion Edwin Valero was detained Sunday on  suspicion of killing his wife, the gravest in a string of problems that  have threatened to derail his career.

The security workers at the hotel are claiming that Edwin Valero told  them that he had killed his wife.  Police discovered that Jennifer Viera  was stabbed three times and also two weeks prior Viera was hospitalized  due to a punctured lung and broken ribs suffered allegedly by the hands  of Edwin Valero.

Valero entered a Venezuelan rehabilitation center under on March 28  for treatment of drug and alcohol  addiction. The Valero's attorney said Viera was injured when she  fell down a flight of stairs at the couple's home while checking a water  tank located on the roof.

Valero then intended to go to Cuba to train and undergo  rehabilitation counseling, but instead missed his flight and crashed his  car. Drunk, he attempted to flee the scene. Last week, says  Jhonny Gonzalez at, Valero’s “inner circle” told  reporters that the fighter had been beating his wife.

Venezuelan Federal Police Chief Wilmer Flores said Valero was  arrested after  police found the body of his 20-year-old wife in a hotel in Valencia.  Valero  left the hotel room around dawn on Sunday and allegedly told security  that he  had killed Jennifer Viera, Flores said.

With a pro record of 27-0, and recognized as the WBC  lightweight champ, Valero has been pumped as the next big thing in  Boxing… however, if these allegations of murder pan out to be true…  we will probably never again see him inside a boxing ring again.  If  Valero killed his wife, he will deserve nothing more than a very long  jail sentence.

This horrific tragedy will very likely end the promising career of the  exceptionally talented and exciting boxer from Venezuela who was  mentioned as a potential future opponent for Manny Pacquiao.


New but not raw ¨C Bollywood newcomers come prepared

Post image for New but not raw � Bollywood newcomers come prepared

The mantra in Bollywood is no more about learning on the job, but coming prepared before the director calls “action”. Newcomers venturing into the industry believe they must have a sound understanding of their craft, even technically.

Raj Kumar Yadav, who played Adarsh in Dibakar Banerjee’s “Love Sex aur Dhoka”, said: “As competition is tough in the industry it gives a boost to an individual when you are technically sound and that is what filmmakers are looking for.”

“It is better to have ample knowledge before venturing into any stream. It is one of the greatest requirements of every industry. Personally, I have done theatre and a course from FTII (Film and Television Institute of India, Pune) which helped me face the camera. It made me feel comfortable as I had technical knowledge,” he said.

Actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha’s son Luv Sinha, who debuted in “Sadiyaan” this month, did a course from FTII before venturing into movies. “I think it’s good to come prepared as it isn’t an easy industry to survive in,” Luv told IANS.

In 2010, more than a dozen youngsters debuted in Bollywood as actors and directors.

Shradha Kapoor, Siddharth Kher, Dhruv Ganesh and Vaibhav Talwar were seen for the first time in “Teen Patti”, Luv Sinha in “Sadiyaan”, Anubhav and Adarsh in “Love Sex Aur Dhokha”, Neeru Singh and Aruna Sheilds in “Prince 3″ and Maradona Robello in “Pankh”.

Director Shawn Arranha who debuted with horror-thriller “Hide and Seek” echoes similar sentiments. “It makes everyone comfortable when the actors have specific knowledge about the subject and moreover it saves a lot of time,” he said.

“Today filmmakers are looking at not raw actors but knowledgeable individuals who understand the concept in one go,” he added.

“Hide and Seek” was not just his directorial debut, it also saw new faces like Amruta Patki, Pavail Gulati, Mohit Dutta, Nutan Shinde and Shweta Verma. Southern actress Sada made her Bollywood debut with “Click”.

Other debutant directors this year include Mudassar Aziz (“Dulha Mil Gaya”); comedian Sunil Pal (“Bhavnao Ko Samjho”); Abhishek Chaubhey (“Ishqiya”), Amit Rai (“Road to Sangam”); Abhishek Chaubey (“Ishqiya”); Vijay Lalwani (“Karthik Calling Karthik”).

And the young brigade understands what is expected from them by the filmmakers.

Pavail Gulati, a former student of Whistling Woods, who made his debut with “Hide and Seek”, says Bollywood is looking at intelligent actors and has become much more structured.

“Nobody wants a dumb actor these days. It is not only that newcomers come prepared but it is also a requirement of the industry. The film industry has become much more structured and professional,” said Gulati.

Vaibhav Talwar, who recently made his debut alongside Amitabh Bachchan in “Teen Patti”, said: “The industry is looking for a complete package. One should be a good actor and performer.”

“It’s a cut-throat world and it is very difficult to make your mark. One needs to be prepared,” Talwar added.

And old-time filmmakers are certainly not complaining.

“I know acting is a talent within, but even if you are born talented you have to get an opportunity to perform as a professional. Unless you know the technique and mould your art you will not be welcomed by the production houses,” Subhash Ghai told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

“If an actor wants to have a long spanning career, he has to know the art and technique of acting,” he added.

Some of the debutants who hogged the limelight in 2009 include Mahi Gill and Kalki Koechlin in “Dev D”, Shruti Hassan in “Luck”, television actress Amna Sharif in “Aloo Chaat”, Arunoday Singh in “Sikander”, Jacqueline Fernandez in “Aladin” and Gautam Rode in “Agyaat”.


Jason Priestley

Jason Priestley Latest News updates, Actor, director, producer. Born upon Aug 28, 1969, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He proposed out creation commercials as well as operative as the kid actress in his local Canada, prior to relocating to Los Angeles in 1987. After guest appearances upon renouned shows such as twenty-one Jump Street, MacGyver, as well as Quantum Leap, Priestley landed the repeated purpose as an waif upon the ephemeral sitcom Sister Kate in 1989. It was his subsequent behaving gig that led to the career breakthrough.

In the tumble of 1990, Priestley starred in Beverly Hills, 90210―a primetime fool around combined by super writer Aaron Spelling. He played Brandon Walsh, the rational teen who moves to Beverly Hills from Minnesota with his relatives as well as identical tiwn sister Brenda, played by Shannen Doherty. Audiences gay in receiving the illusory demeanour during the happenings during West Beverly High School―the hook-ups, the break-ups, the fights, as well as the friendships. During the show's run, it tackled countless issues, such as sex, counterpart pressure, drinking, as well as drug abuse.

With his good looks as well as delectable personality, Priestley became the intent of good indebtedness by fans. He was even comparison as the single of the world's most pleasing people by People repository in 1991. In 1993, he warranted his initial Golden Globe assignment for Best Performance by an Actor in the Television Series � Drama for his description of Brandon. Brandon Walsh, with his sincerely plain dignified compass, served as the purpose indication for most of the show's immature viewers. He was nominated for the same endowment dual years later.

While upon the series, Priestley found time to plunge into the integrate of film roles. He appeared in multiform movies, together with Tombstone (1993), Calendar Girl (1993), as well as Love as well as Death upon Long Island (1997) with John Hurt, that perceived often certain reviews. Priestley additionally attempted his palm during directing, receiving the reins of multiform episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210 as well as multiform strain videos, together with the the single for the strain "The Old Apartment" by the Canadian rope Bakenaked Ladies in 1996.

Priestley left the uncover in 1998 to aspire to alternative opportunities. The subsequent year he appeared in the wire radio movie, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, that he additionally destined as well as senior manager produced. Priestley additionally destined the documentary about the rope Barenaked Ladies entitled Barenaked in America. But the year finished upon the green note for Priestley. In Dec 1999, he was concerned in the automobile collision as well as was charged with dipsomaniac driving. He pled no competition to the misconduct dipsomaniac pushing assign as well as was condemned to outlay 5 nights in the apprehension trickery in Los Angeles as well as to attend the drug as well as ethanol abuse diagnosis program.

In 2000, Priestley appeared upon theatre in the London prolongation of Side Man, the Tony Award-winning fool around by Warren Leight. Priestley played Clifford, the son of the jazz musician as well as an alcoholic. Edie Falco of The Sopranos celebrity played his mother. That same year he returned to his aged radio stomping grounds―Beverly Hills, 90210―for the array finale.

Besides acting, Priestley pursued the career as the competition automobile driver. In Aug 2002, he was severely harmed in the pile-up during the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Kentucky. His racecar strike dual walls during the use event after using opposite the vegetable patch of oil dry, the element used to soak up fluids after an early brief upon the track. Priestley suffered the damaged behind as well as alternative injuries as the outcome of the crash. After complete diagnosis as well as earthy rehabilitation, he was means to redeem from his injuries. He has given late from racing.

Priestley done the lapse to radio with the dim fool around Tru Calling in 2004, that was cancelled in 2005. His 2006 radio series, Love Monkey, was short-lived, durability for usually 8 episodes notwithstanding earning clever reviews. Priestley has additionally appeared in multiform eccentric films, together with Die, Mommy, Die! (2003), the dim comedy.

Priestley lives in Los Angeles with his second wife, Naomi. The integrate tied together in 2005. His initial matrimony to Ashlee Petersen was brief; the integrate tied together in 1998 as well as divorced about the year later.

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T20 World Cup 2010 Schedule (IND vs SL) India vs Sri Lanka Live Streaming Highlights

Watch T20 World Cup 2010 Schedule (IND vs SL)  India vs Sri Lanka Twenty20 World Cup 2010 Live Streaming Highlights India vs Sri Lanka ICC T20 World Cup 2010 11th May  2010. Its a match between India  and Sri Lanka in the second last match of the  Super 8 stage of the ICC World T20 at St. Lucia.

We will be setting out the India vs Sri Lanka Live Score: ICC T20 World  Cup Live Stream Results here, With India having a 2-2 standings, against  Sri Lanka with 2-2 as well. This is going to be a tight match as the  India team makes the best out of their performance  to  be able to top it off. But  will Sri lanka allow this tonight.

India still has a marginal chance of advancing  to the semifinals but it depends on a number of factors. Not only India will have to defeat Sri Lanka by a big margin but also  Indian fans will have to pray that Australia  defeats West Indies.

The T20 World Cup Cricket match between the West  Indies Vs. Australia will be held at the Beausejour Cricket  Ground, Gros Islet, St Lucia, West Indies. The Australia Vs.  West Indies is scheduled on May 11, 2010 at 02:30 IST, 17:00  local, 21:00 GMT.

Demi Lovato confirms dating Joe Jonas

Post image for Demi Lovato confirms dating Joe Jonas

Singer Demi Lovato has confirmed that she is dating 'Jonas Brothers' member Joe Jonas.

The ”Sonny With a Chance” star confirmed it during a radio interview on The Billy Bush Show Friday.

Bush questioned Lovato if she had dated a Jonas brother, reports the New York Daily News.

She replied:  “Umm, maybe.”

Then, Bush guessed if it was Joe and asked: “So, you”re dating him now?”

Lovato answered: “Yeah, he is my best friend and he is incredible".

A day after the interview, Lovato Tweeted: “By the way… I would never lie to my fans. I love you all… and I”ve never been happier. :)  ”

The couple had met in 2007 on the set of the Disney show ”Camp Rock.”

AP SSC Results 2010 Announced, 10th Class Results, 10th Results Andhra Pradesh

Students eagerly waiting for  their  Andhra Pradesh SSC Exam 2010 results need not  wait any  longer. The Ap SSC 2010 Exam ? results are scheduled to be  released on  May 23rd at 11.30 a.m. The AP SSC 2010 results  will be  declared by the honorable minister for Secondary Education, D  Manikya  Vara Prasad.

The SSC 2010 Regular Exam results  have a change in  pattern of release this time. Based on their  performance the students  will be given A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1 and D2  grades while the failed  candidates will be designated? E grade.

The grades have been judged on a scale of 12.5 percent. For instance the   top 12.5 percent of the passing students will get A1 grade. next on   list will get A2 grade and the sequence follows in a similar fashion for   the rest.

E grade indicates that the student has got less than 35% and has   therefore failed to clear the SSC 2010 examination.

Andhra Pradesh state SSC 2010 Examination Results will  be declared on   23rd MAY 2010 11.30am.So get your results as  soon as  it is released  through below link.

The Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education has announced the AP    SSC Results 2010. There have been many bogus sites reporting the   results  on their site however here is the correct link for viewing your   AP SSC  Results 2010.

AP SSC Results 2009-2010 are on

Sri Lanka Knocks India Out Of ICC T20 World Cup 2010

St Lucia: Sri Lanka handed India their third early  exit in as many showcase ICC events when they recorded a thrilling  last-ball five-wicket win, one that was powered by a late flurry of  boundaries from all-rounders Angelo Mathews and Chamara Kapugedera.

The sizeable Indian crowd at the  historic Lord’s were in a state of disbelief as Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s  men failed to reach the target in the must-win game.

For India, Gautam  Gambhir (26) and Ravindra Jadeja (25) got the starts but could not  convert it and Yusuf Pathan (33 off 17 balls) and Dhoni (30 off 20  balls) made a last ditch effort but it was not enough in the end.

Angelo Mathews (46), who was out in the last  over after hitting a six off the first ball of Nehra’s over, and  Tillakaratne Dilshan (33) pulled Sri Lanka out of trouble after they  were reduced to three for 49.For India to have any chance of  qualifying in the last four, they needed to restrict Sri Lanka to 143  runs and hope for Australia to beat West Indies in the next match.


LOST Series Finale Enging Spoiler ¨C What Did You Think?

The time is here ― the series finale of Lost has finally begun to air  (first on the East Coast, and then the rest of the world follows). I  know that many of the /Film readers are obsessed with this show, and I  think it is important to have a place to discuss the final moments and  what they mean.

After the jump you are free to discuss the show and the series  finale. If you haven't yet watched the finale, stay away! The comments  are sure to be full of spoiler-filled discussion. Tell us what you  thought of the conclusion, and give us your theories (I'm sure it  probably won't be a totally conclusive ending for all the characters  involved).


Watch Rima Fakih Pole Dancing Videos, Pictures, Swimsuit

Less than 24-hours after being named the new Miss USA, a first for an Arab-American woman, pictures of Rima Fakih participating in a 2007 pole dancing competition have surfaced. The one above is courtesy of Detroit's Mojo in the Morning.

Miss Michigan Rima Fakih competes in bathing suit portion of the Miss USA 2010 pageant, Sunday, May 16, 2010 in Las Vegas. Fakih was later crowned Miss USA 2010.

Rima also earned some great prizes for her stripper victory,including jewelry, gift cards, adult toys, and a stripper pole for home use. However, she did keep all her clothes on,but still managed to walk away from the competition with her bra stuffed with dolla,dolla billls. Rima Fakih is 24 years old, and the first Miss Michigan to win the Miss USA title since Kenya Moore in 1993. She is also the 2nd Miss USA of Lebanese-American descent since Julie Hayek in 1983.

Fakih pole-danced in the competition called Stripper 101 put on by a Detroit radio station. It’s reported that she kept on her clothes, but onlookers stuffed her bra full of dollar bills.

Stripper pole dancing photos of Miss USA Rima Fakih are the latest scandal or dirt if you will to come to light about the beauty pageant queen. Wow she hasn't even had the crown for 24 hours and there is already gossip on her, that was fast.

Some are calling it scandalous.  Others are calling it fun being had by a young woman.  Regardless, the "Stripper 101? pole dancing competition and the pictures of it seem hardly enough to cause any damage to the Miss USA 2o10 winner.  But we shall see…

Hot Miley Cyrus Kissing A Girl

Hot Miley Cyrus Kissing A Girl, Miley Cyrus Kissing Photo and Miley Cyrus Kissing video Miley Cyrus kissed another girl on stage last night in new concert clip miley cyrus kissing a girlMiley Cyrus and her appearance at Britains Got Talent created a huge buzz. Aside from her good performance of her song "Can't Be Tamed", Miley Cyrus kissing a girl dancer caught many attention.

Miley Cyrus kissing a girl video is now all over the web. People and fans of her now do have mixed reactions and emotions about this move of Miley Cyrus. Some people think that Miley Cyrus Britains Got Talent appearance is made to be remembered for years to come so, Miley Cyrus and her crew really pulled out this one to create a huge buzz about her.

The said Miley Cyrus kissing a girl dancer happened at 1:08 mark on that video.

So what you can say about this Miley Cyrus Britains Got Talent Miley Cyrus and Ashley Tisdales Lesbian Kiss.

John Paul Jones

John Paul JonesLatest News Update About John Paul Jones: Whether looking forward as the bassist in THEM CROOKED VULTURES laying down a groove with Dave Grohl and Joshua Homme, or to the past as the iconic legend, riff-master and songwriter in LED ZEPPELIN, John Paul Jones has a bass pedigree second to none.

Jones has been performing with a vast collection of Manson Guitars creations for the past three decades both in the studio and for live work, including the historic LED ZEPPELIN reunion and also conquering the world all over again with THEM CROOKED VULTURES. Now, after many years of refining, researching and testing, the legendary performer has placed his name to the main four-string Manson bass guitar that has been regularly seen in action across Jones’ projects for the past 16 years.

The Manson John Paul Jones E-Bass model is a replica of the bass that Hugh Manson made in the early ’90s and has become John’s first call four-string ever since. Featuring a maple through-neck construction, figured maple top, Aged Cherry Sunburst high gloss lacquer, ebony fingerboard, EMG pickups and active circuit, Hipshot D-Tuner, Schaller machineheads and Badass bridge, the specs reflect exactly the current upgraded hardware of the bass John is currently using on tour with THEM CROOKED VULTURES.

The bass is currently available exclusively from Mansons Guitar Shop.

For more information, visit

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Nira Chan Korean

nira chan koreanLatest News about Nira Chan Update: Nira Chan, Nira Chan makeup. Singapore is a popular blogger and a very very very pretty girl! At first I was like, how the hell can I do the same, that I am? Her features are perfectly proportioned and designed … his face looks so good … Sigh … Then I realized, oh, I do not try to imitate his face, his makeup! Haha … I have also taken by her beauty! Anyway, I did my best to imitate her makeup ~ like makeup, is very clean and pleasant.

The good thing about this application is that Nira makeup is almost always the same. He has that personal touch black coating with red lips. Her eyebrows are full and dark � I could not because I was dark eyebrow pencil! If you really do not use much blush, but I saw a photo of her makeup bag on your face, and had a cream blush in the shade of pink.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chinese films will take 10yrs to match Avatar-style technology, says director

avatar3 300x233 Chinese films will take 10yrs to match Avatar style technology, says director Renowned Chinese director Feng Xiaoning has said that Chinese films will take 10 years to match 'Avatar' in terms of technology.

Feng was speaking on the sidelines of the ongoing annual session of the National Committee of the Chinese People’’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the country’’s top political advisory body.

He said that 'Avatar' took the whole world by storm with its 3D technology, reports Xinhua.

And thus, he said, it put pressure on those Chinese films that were lagging behind their American counterparts.

“Chinese films don”t need to blindly take Avatar as a gauge,” said Feng.

“And please believe in the diligence and ingenuity of Chinese filmmakers," he added.

Reese Witherspoon steps out with new beau

reese witherspoon12 193x300 Reese Witherspoon steps out with new beau Actress Reese Witherspoon has confirmed rumours that she is dating her current beau after they were spotted stepping out together hand-in-hand.

Witherspoon, 34, and CAA agent Jim Toth were spotted in Ojai, Calif., on March 22 where they celebrated her birthday.

"They looked very happy," the New York Daily News quoted a West coast source as saying.

The lovebirds were all smiles throughout the day, which started with a romantic lunch at a small Mexican restaurant and continued with a shopping spree.

The duo had sparked rumours of a fling in January, when they had a very "flirtatious" dinner at L.A. eatery Locanda Portofino, just weeks after the actress split with ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.

Toth's firm represents Witherspoon, so the first rumours about their romance were hushed with the cover story that their meeting was simply a business dinner.

"People were surprised that she bounced back so quickly after dating Jake, but she really likes Jim. I think she was shocked to like someone again so quickly," a source close to Witherspoon said.

"Friends of hers are hoping this works out. He's a good guy and they're hoping this lasts," the source added.

Isla Fisher Hot And Sexy Photoshoot

Isla Fisher was born on February  the 3rd in 1976. She                   started her entire acting career in the land down under, Australia.  Her                   big break came when she scored a role in the movie, Wedding  Crashers back in 2005. Isla Fisher was born in the city of Muscat in the                   country of Oman. Her parents are from Scotland. Isla is currently                   engaged to Sacha Baron Cohen who plays many different characters in                   acting.

Born in 1976 to Scottish parents in the Middle  Eastern country of Oman, her family moved to Australia in the early  1980s. From a young age Isla showed an interest in both acting and  writing. At nine years old she was appearing in Australian TV  commercials.

After playing the ever-popular Shannon on the Aussie soap opera Home and  Away, Isla moved to Britain to try her craft overseas.


Kirstie Alley ¡®regrets drugs journal¡¯

Post image for Kirstie Alley 'regrets drugs journal'

Actress Kirstie Alley has admitted that she regrets keeping a diary that she wrote while high on cocaine.

The former Cheers star, who successfully beat her drug demons in the ”90s, confessed that she cannot believe some of the diary’’s outlandish entries that she composed while under the influence.

“I was a druggie. Cocaine. That is a bad drug because it makes you think you”re really smart and it makes you say really stupid things," the Daily Star quoted her as saying.

“I wrote a journal when I was doing coke. It was like, ”this was so profound somebody’’s gonna find this one day and it’’s going to change their life.” It was the dumbest s**t you”ve ever heard in your life,” she added.

¡®Apartment¡¯ to release in theatres, on internet Friday

Director Jagmohan Mundhra, who believes that films should be released on every platform on the same day, will simultaneously release his movie “Apartment” in theatres and on the Rajshri website Friday.

“People going to see ‘Apartment’ will not be able to see it for free, regardless of which platform they choose. The person, who wants to download and watch it on the computer, will have to pay for it. Even DVDs should be released on the same day as the movie,” Mundhra told IANS. is the official website of Rajshri Media Private Ltd.

Mundhra believes that releasing the film in every mode simultaneously would help prevent piracy.

“Piracy fulfils the need of people who don’t go to the theatre. Whether you release a movie or not, pirated CDs and DVDs are available in the market. It’s better to release movies on every platform as long as revenue is generated,” said Mundhra.

“Apartment” is based on a girl from a small town.

Preeti Sengupta (Tanushree Dutta) is an air hostess who lives with her boyfriend Karan Malhotra (Rohit Roy).

She is possessive and has issues with trust. Suspecting infidelity, Preeti throws her boyfriend out of the house but soon realizes she can’t afford the apartment rent on her own.

Neha Bhardwaj (Neetu Chandra), a small-town girl, comes and asks for accommodation. Impressed by her simplicity, Preeti believes she has found a perfect roommate. Slowly, however, things begin to go wrong.

Actor Anupam Kher plays a pivotal role in the film.

Asked about the deal with, Mundhra said: “There is a business share. I don’t know the details of the business deal but I know makes a standard deal. They are the content aggregators. They don’t create the content; they take it from people like me.”

Spartacus Blood And Sand Episode 5

Spartacus Blood And Sand Episode 5 Latest news Updates, blood and sand Season 1 Episode 5 aired 02/19/2010 Friday 10:00 p.m. Stars. This event is entitled the "Shadow Games" and it is the 5th installment of the Stars to show the television network has a new epic, Spartacus: blood and sand certainly impress the viewers. For viewers who did not watch it last night can still be seen on the Internet. In this new series is epic, epic battles, and training for veterans wrestlers are featured. Were fighting each other inside the hole in order to see another force, as well as to see who is better. In this episode, the opportunity given to Batiatus that even he can not deny. At the same time, we must Crixus Spartacus and learn how to work together in teams after facing an unbeaten opponent, and also to overcome this discount legendary.

For selecting men for the Games of the Peace, Magistrate Calavius Titus came along with Selonius good. Batiatus Lucretia were enthusiastic about the possibility of securing Primus was also expected to bring much currency in their pockets. Calavius Batiatus said that Selonius gained good Theocoles. Was known as the shadow of death, for the Olympic Games in Primus, and he will fight against Crixus.

Fighting began in the morning. Dark clouds are gathering over the start of the battle. Batiatus, Lucretia, Magistrate and his son Titus Calavius Selonius and they were sitting in the balcony to watch the games.Spartacus Crixus alike and they were then called to fight, but before their announcement of a lot of blood has already been spilled. The crowd chanted for CrixusSpartacus and it is the best experience of building at the entrance to the arena.

The last time we had a wonderful Spartacus: blood and sand. In this episode, is to strike the enemies with the battle is amazing. Now, in the episode to be aired last night that he fought with another opponent is defeated.

Dancing With The Stars Results May 11

Dancing With The Stars Results May 11Dancing With The Stars Results May 11: Dancing With The Stars Results May 11:Who Got Kicked Off DWTS Niecy Nash? � Dancing with the Stars elimination show for May 11th just aired on ABC. And was not all a big surprise when it was announced that Nash, the goofy host of reality show "How Clean is Your House" and NFL footballer Chad Ochocinco who did not impress with their performances last night were in the bottom two.

And sadly the last mother standing Niecy Nash and partner Louis Van Amstel were eliminated on DWTS.


Gauhar Khan

Gauhar KhanMumbai: Ekta Kapoor has chosen Gauhar Khan as the new-age Helen to dance on the popular cabaret number "Piya tu ab to aaja" in her upcoming venture "Once Upon A Time in Mumbai".

Based on Mumbai's underworld in the 1970s, the film is being directed by Milan Luthria and stars Ajay Devgn in the lead role.

Raju Khan has been brought to do the choreography for what's touted as the most expensive cabaret ever shot in Bollywood.

Gauhar danced to the beats of "Piya tu ab to aaja" so hard last week that a shard of shattered glass wounded her leg.

The director and her excited producer intend to unveil their new-age Helen and the prized recreation of the smouldering cabaret number from the 1970s at an elaborate press conference later this month.

Pritam Chakraborty, who has given music to the song, says he refused to do a straight remix of "Piya tu…"

"I really see no point in doing a straight-off remix specially when it's an R.D. Burman track. That means the original is still fresh in the listeners' mind. Why should I tamper with an evergreen? So what I've done for Milan's cabaret is to incorporate just a bit of RD's 'Piya to ab to aaja' from 'Caravan' and 'Duniya mein logon ko' from 'Apna Desh'. The rest of the song is my original composition," Pritam told IANS.

Apparently when Gauhar heard the song, she flipped out.

"Yes, they all loved the song. But I won't do a re-mix of an R.D. Burman or any other composition," said Pritam.Gauhar Khan Wardrobe Malfunction Pics

Michael Jackson: the Biggest Contract in the History of Music

Post image for Michael Jackson: the Biggest Contract in the History of Music

Despite the fact that Michael Jackson is dead, he remains to be the King of Pop. Less than a year after his unpredictable death, the administrators of the late pop icon’s signed a contract. It is considered to be the biggest recording contract in the music history.

Sony Music Entertainment had a seven-year contract with Jackson that could cover up to 10 new Jackson projects but still no releases were announced by the company. It turned out that the Jackson deal eclipsed a range of mega-deals that were signed by contemporary acts.

But according to an anonymous source, in the nine months since Jackson's Death, the dinger managed to sell over 31 million albums, it is considered to be the period when   the music industry went on a decade-long album sales slide. If combine all those sales along with other licensing deals, the figure could amount to $250 million that could help ease the debt of nearly $500 million. It is considered to be the amount Jackson owed at the time of his death.

At present one can find another reissue of Jackson’s solo debut, 1979’s Off the Wall. It should be mentioned that a special edition of that album was re-released in 2001, it contained a pair of unreleased demos of such songs as “Workin’ Day and Night" and “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.”


Tyra Banks to publish her first novel

Post image for Tyra Banks to publish her first novel

New York, May 12 (ANI): Supermodel/talk show host Tyra Banks has announced that she will be publishing her first novel.

A press release from Random House, the publishers of the novel, which will be titled "Modelland", stated that it is one of a three-book deal, and is expected to be published in summer 2011.

"It's for all the girls and guys who want a lot more fantasy in their lives … and some fierceness and magic, romance and mystery, crazy and wild adventures, and yeah, some danger too," the New York Post quoted Banks as writing on her website describing her new book.

Banks, 36, authored a how-to make-up book in 1998, called "Tyra's Beauty, Inside and Out". "Modelland" will be her first fiction book. (ANI)

Simon Monjack ¨C Brittany Murphy Husband Died Sunday Night

Monjack had been speaking of health problems in an interview earlier  this year, saying he was taking a lot of medication. "Most of the drugs  are mine. I suffer from seizures. I had a heart attack coming back from  Puerto Rico last year," he told the Daily Mirror.

It followed an emergency 911 call about 9.30pm Sunday (Los Angeles  time) for an “unspecified medical aid request”, LA fire department  spokesman Brian Humphrey said.

The coroner’s office was notified at 11:30 p.m. Sunday and was en route  to the address, but a spokesperson would not confirm the identity of the  deceased.

Police were called to the Monjack home at approximately 9:30pm  Sunday, TMZ is reporting that Monjack was found by Brittany Murphy's  mother, Sharon. Simon Monjack was pronounced dead at the scene.

Murphy died in February of pneumonia complicated by multiple drug  intoxication, an iron deficiency and anemia.  She was best known for her  role in Clueless and her voice-over work in the animated  family movie Happy Feet.

Bollywood Actress Mallika Sherawat

Bollywood Actress Mallika SherawatBollywood Actress Mallika Sherawat: was at Cannes Red Carpet along with brother and co-producer Vikram Lamba to unveil the promo her ambitious forthcoming project 'Hissss'. This time she kept her appearance simple with once in a white, self -printed, sleeve less, low neck dress, coupled with traditional Indian jewelry and the other time in a blood red, low neck dress with a white feathery coat with her hair open at both times. Her dress has been done by a top designer while her style team, led by Claus Hjelmbak and Ivan Bitton styled her look.To promote her film in a special way, the actress has planned a special nag pooja on May 16 at the Hotel Majestic on the Cannes croissette. The pooja will be followed by a dance with a 15 foot python wrapped around her for which a 220 pound snake has been specially brought in from the US and Mallika has been rehearsing with it for the last four days. The theatrical trailer of her film will be unveiled by a top Hollywood company and the release date will also be announced.


Taiwan Entertainment

Taiwan EntertainmentLatest News Update About, Taiwan Entertainment, While black actors have arrived in Hollywood, Asian actors have failed to make much of an impression and it's kind of puzzling � unless you consider their relative lack of English-language skills.

After all, Asia is the largest continent with the biggest population and you would have thought it was a reasonable demographic, in addition to pleasing the Asian population of the US � currently 5 % and expected to rise to 10 % in 2050.

White guy Harrison Ford playing a Taiwan doctor in Extraordinary Measures is further grist to the mill.

The film's script changed the name and nationality of the real-life person, Dr Chen Yuan-tsong (???), into an American research scientist called Robert Stonehill.

Of course, Ford can attract more bums on seats than an Asian actor without much name recognition in the US � but was it really necessary to take so much liberty with the truth?

Surely, it was an opportunity to cast an Asian actor?

The problem seems to be Chinese actors with the necessary chops don't have a sufficient grasp of English. After all, in an English-speaking film this might be considered a prerequisite.

A shortlist of Chinese actors who do speak good English includes: ABC Daniel Wu (???), ABC Wang Lee-hom (???), ABC David Tao (??), Jackie Chan (??), and the Canadian-Chinese Edison Chen (???) and Nicholas Tse (???).

I wonder if any of them were approached? Perhaps we should be told?

Blogs like Angry Asian Man, and Tasty, Tantalizing and Terrific Taiwan are, understandably, claiming another whitewash.


Aashiq Banaya Aapne

Aashiq Banaya AapneAashiq Banaya Aapne,youtube 02, youtube 02 days, youtube 2, youtube 2 days, youtube 2.0

Upasana Kamineni

Upasana KamineniLatest News Update About Upasana Kamineni: A recent news that is floating around the web at present is the wedlock between Ram Charan Teja and Upasna Kamineni. Its been a rumour or confirm news is still under doubt. Ram Charan Teja is the new super star emerging in Telugu Cinema with his last hit Magadheera whic broke many records across the whole country. Ram Charan Teja is the son of Telugu actor Chiranjeevi and Surekha.

It seems this time that Kal Bhairava will get his girl this time who is Upasana as said by some of the sources.

We will disclose about the confirm news as we get acquainted with the true story. Upasana Kamineni is the grand daughter of Dr Prathap C Reddy founder Chairman Apollo Hospitals Group.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lady Gaga steams up concert with X-rated romps

British pop star Lady Gaga set the stage on fire with a series of X-rated simulated sex acts during a concert.

Gaga sent temperatures soaring at her New York show Thrusday, stretching out on a dancing boy's lap while he went on feeling her with both hands, reports

The singer was also groped in front of the audiences. She was also seen indulging in a mock threesome on stage.

Complementing her raunchy romps was an endless stream of wardrobe changes, the highlights of which included a kinky Samuri costume and a sparkly top fitted with shoulder pads.


Iceland Volcano Eruption After 200 Years Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Has Erupted

Iceland Volcano Eruption : Eyjafjallaj?kull  Volcano Eruption News Update ― After 200 years of being dormant, the  volcano named Eyjafjallaj?kull Volcano in Iceland has erupted. Eruptions  is reportedly occured around midnight, Iceland's local time, this March  21, 2010.

The ereption is located in Fimmv?rduhals, a passager  between two glacers, Eyjafjallaj?kull and Myrdalsj?kull. A popular  walking path goes through the area, from Skógafoss in the south to  Thórsm?rk. Everty summer hvdereds, and perhaps thousands, walk through  the area.

As the sleeping volcano woke up after almost 200 years after 1821,  people saw a sudden flash of light in the night sky at around midnight.  As they said, the scene was scary yet astonishing for the residents who  witnessed it unexpectedly.

The air carrier Icelandair has diverted flights  which were destined for Iceland as a precaution, due to the risks to  aircraft of flying into volcanic ash. A notice to airlines prohibits flights within 120 nautical miles of the volcano.

Apparently a column of smoke could be seen up to 1 km high leading to  international flights to the island being diverted and other flights  canceled, because of possible interference with navigation. The volcano  had not erupted since 1821 but has been regularly monitored by  scientists in Iceland.  However it seems they had little warning of the  eruption when it occurred.


Zoe Saldana says skin tone prevented her from landing Hollywood roles

Zoe Saldana1 196x300 Zoe Saldana says skin tone prevented her from landing Hollywood roles Actress Zoe Saldana has revealed many Hollywood roles escaped her basket over her skin tone.

The 31-year-old actress said she had met many casting directors who were against hiring a black actress.

“[I''ve heard] ”Oh, you know, you”re just not what we were looking for, your skin is a little darker,”” the New York Daily News quoted her as saying.

Zoe further spoke of her excitement when James Cameron wanted to cast her for “Avatar”, the highest grossing film of all time.

She said: “I had no idea [my character] was blue and 9 feet tall. But for some reason, [James] was like, ”You look so much like her!””


Sania, Shoaib are now husband and wife

Post image for Sania, Shoaib are now husband and wife

Indian tennis star Sania Mirza married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik at a hotel here Monday after getting a copy of Shoaib’s passport from the city police.

“The nikah has been completed. Please pray for the couple,” Sania’s spokesperson Rucha Naik told media persons outside hotel Taj Krishna.

The simple and brief nikah ceremony, held between 12.30 p.m. and 1 p.m., was attended by about 70 close relatives and friends of the bride and bridegroom.

Sania, 23, and Shoaib, 28, signed the ‘nikahnama’ and said “qubool hai” (I accept) in the presence of a qazi and two witnesses to formally solemnize the marriage.

Qazi Najmuddin Hussain, who completed the nikah formalities, said that the “Mehr” (the gift given by the bridegroom to the bride at the time of marriage) was fixed at Rs.61 lakh in cash. Mehr, a prerequisite for a Muslim marriage, can be in the form of cash, gold or other valuables and it is aimed at providing some security to the wife in the event of divorce or widowhood.

With the signing of the nikahnama, Sania became the second wife of former Pakistani skipper, who divorced his first wife Ayesha Siddiqui last week.

Ayesha, a resident of this city, had filed a case against Shoaib after he rejected her demand to divorce her before marrying Sania. Shoaib had married Ayesha over phone in 2002 but then accused her of duping him by sending photographs of another girl and emotionally forcing him into the marriage.

Sania’s uncles Mohammed Shafi Osman and Mirza Fayaz Baig signed the nikahnama as the two witnesses.

“Ijab and qabool (offer and acceptance) was completed as per the Islamic law. Since Shoaib Malik was physically present at the nikah and the offer to marry Sania came from him, there was no need for any witnesses from his side,” the qazi told reporters.

The qazi performed the nikah after Shoaib produced a photo-copy of his passport, which he obtained from the city police. The qazi had reportedly refused to perform the ‘nikah’ Friday in the absence of Shoaib’s passport or its photo-copy, as they do not perform marriages of foreigners without passports and a no objection certificate from their respective governments.

Shoaib’s passport, seized last week in connection with a case filed by Ayesha, is still with the police. Additional Commissioner of Police N. Narasimha Reddy said it may take a week for Shoaib to get back his passport as some formalities with regard to closure of the case would have to be completed.

After the ‘nikah’, the guests offered ‘zuhar namaz’. It was followed by lunch, where they were treated to traditional delicacies, including the famous Hyderabadi biryani and desserts like “qubani ka meetha”.

Clad in red traditional bridal wear, which her mother wore on her wedding 25 years ago, Sania, accompanied by her father Imran Mirza, mother Naseema, younger sister Anam and a few close relatives, left her residence in Jubilee Hills amid drum beats and reached hotel Taj Deccan shortly after noon.

From there they went to the adjoining Taj Krishna, where Shoaib and his relatives are staying.

Shoaib, who divorced Ayesha last week, wore a black ’sherwani’. His mother Sultana Farooq, brother Adil Malik, sisters Shazia Imran and Sadaf Imran, brother-in-law Zafar Imran and some other close relatives attended the wedding.

Security was tight at the hotel and the media was not allowed inside.

Earlier, Naik told reporters outside Sania’s residence that there would be a ‘mehendi’ ceremony Tuesday. The ’sangeet’ would be held the next day while Sania’s family would hold the wedding reception April 15.

The high-profile marriage was surrounded by controversies ever since it was announced March 29.

It is learnt that the two families decided to solemnise the marriage Monday to avoid further controversies, especially in the light of a ‘fatwa’ issued Sunday by Islamic religious scholars against Sania and Shoaib living together before their wedding.

The Sunni Ulema Board, a group of religious scholars, had declared that the act of Sania and Shoaib living together was against Islamic Shariat. It asked Muslims not to attend such marriages where men and women come together in close proximity in violation of Islamic rules.

Sania’s media manager Sunday night clarified that Shoaib moved out of Sania’s house a few days ago.

Intermediate Results 2010 Andhrapradesh Board of intermediate

April 03, 2010 (Hyderabad) � According to news source the examination  results of Intermediate 1st year will be announced by  Board of Intermediate Education Andhra Pradesh (BIEAP)  on last week of April 2010. The Intermediate 2nd year (Final) results  will be declared in the first week of May 2010. Eamcet 2010 is all set  to be conducted on 30-05-2010.

In the year 2009 (march) 8,02,292 students  appeared for First Year  examination in which 3,74,174 passed, 6,60,341   students appeared for  Second Year examination in which 3,97,170  have?passed.

About � The Board of Intermediate Education Andhra Pradesh, A.P  was  established in 1971, to regulate and supervise the system of  Intermediate education  in the state of Andhra Pradesh and to specify  the courses of study and matters connected their with. Andhra Pradesh is  the first state in the country which adopted the 10+2+3 pattern of  education.

For more details visit the official website �

¡°The Wonder Years¡± child star Danica McKellar to be a Mother Soon

"The Wonder Years" child star Danica McKellar has been visited by the  stork and the would-be mother is elated about the prospect of extending  her family.

She told People, “I was in the middle of a really intense deadline for  my book. I wanted to put off the [pregnancy] test because I didn’t want  any distractions. That only lasted a day – I couldn’t stop thinking  about it and I caved! You can’t try to put that off.”

Danica isn't just a pretty face, she is? the  author of two New York Times bestsellers, Math Doesn't Suck, and Kiss My  Math, which encourage and empower middle-school girls with mathematics  know-how.? Her third book, Hot X: Algebra Exposed, comes out in  August.? And her little bundle of joy will come sometime in the fall.

"I’m nearing the end of my first trimester and I’m so excited � I’ve  been bursting to tell people," McKellar gushes to the mag.

The prospect of having a child inside her seemed surreal at first,  McKeller says, but once the couple heard the baby's heartbeat the tears  flowed steadily.

“Me and Mike looked at each other and could not stop the tears,”  McKellar tells the magazine. “We are so happy.”

Congratulations Danica and Mike!

American Idol Top 3

American Idol Top 3American Idol Top 3: Tuesday on American Idol, the top four contestants performed songs from Hollywood movies like Caddyshack and Free Willy. Wednesday on Idol, one of them was eliminated. The others will continue on the road to the finale, stopping in their hometowns along the way.

Keep reading to find out who's journey reached its end.

Bye bye, Big Mike.

Michael Lynche, the physical trainer with the torso of a colossus and a voice built on a similar scale, was rescued from elimination by the judges' save earlier in the season, but he had trouble escaping voters' indifference ever since. It was going to be either him this week or Casey James ― and Casey was proclaimed safe 20 minutes in, effectively ending any suspense in the hour.

Mike was always very assured on stage: He seemed to have a pretty strong sense of what sort of music he liked and what sort of performing style he preferred. This could come across as either heroic confidence, fueled in the early weeks by the fact that he'd just become a father, or polished smarminess, and it varied from week to week. I never quite recovered from his cover of "Eleanor Rigby."

He may also have commited a tactical error ― caught by Ellen DeGeneres ― by telling Ryan that he'd originally aspired to be in the top three, instead of hoping to go all the way to the top.

There are so many traps for an Idol contestant! So many variables!

Casey, after all, is just as ― if not even more ― predictable than Mike, and his performance of "Mrs. Robinson" this week was both too modest and too earnest. But he probably cuts a more exciting figure in the dreams of young girls with cell phones.

So, in the end, after Casey and then Lee DeWyze had officially advanced into the final three, Michael was left standing on stage next to Crystal Bowersox and smiling rather sadly. In old France you would have described him as being "in the shadow of the guillotine." He took his loss very well.

The finalists' families were seated onstage for the glory and the shame of it all ― and it added a small dramatic jolt when Crystal was declared safe and Mike declared gone. His wife, crying, craded their baby while he reprised Free Willy's "Will You Be There."


Robert De Niro to sip coffee with fans for charity!

Robert De Niro has agreed to have coffee with two of his fans who are ready to bid for his company.

The actor hopes to raise fund for the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice.

The bidding at the foundation’’s website,, hovered around 6,000 dollars.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” the New York Daily News quoted Kerry Kennedy, who directs the human rights organization.

De Niro is known to be a man of less words in Hollywood, so it remains to be seen how he entertains the two lucky fans.

Kerry revealed that her mother convinced the 'Taxi Driver' star for the act.

She said: “I wish I could take credit. But it was my mother.”

Also celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Anna Wintour, Gwen Stefani, Meryl Streep and Alicia Keys have offered to help.

The RFK Center “defends courageous people all over the world.”

HBSE 12th Result, cbse result 2010 class x has been announced

HBSE 12th result 2010 or the  Bhiwani Board XII class result  has been announced and the result is now available online. The direct link to the result is provided  below for reference. Please enter your 10 digit roll number to get the  results online.

Authorities had confirmed that results of bhiwani board 12th class  will be decalred on 24 may 2010 after 6:00 AM.

Haryana  Board of Secondary Education Bhiwani has announced the results for HBSE 12th results.HBSE Senior Secondary (Class 12) Results 2010 published. Senior  Secondary (Class 12) Exam Results 2010.  Board of School Education Haryana,HBSE 10+2 Bhiwani Board Results The Haryana Board of   School  Education,bhiwani board 12th  result,

Here is a direct link for HBSE 12th Results 2010 Board  of  School Education Haryana Result of Sr. Secondary (March 2010)  (Declared on  24-05-2010). Data provided by Board of school  education, Haryana.

It seems that the official website and are not functioning properly but the results can be  fetched from the and

Candidates can also get their results through SMS service. For  receiving the results through SMS on BSNL mobile type hr12 sent to  56666. Candidates can also get their results through the BSNL helpline  number. The number is 01664�254000.

Mariah Carey Can do More than Just Sing and being Glamorous

Post image for Mariah Carey Can do More than Just Sing and being Glamorous

In the red carpet Mariah Carey looks glamorous and sparkly as well. But when the singer is at home, she prefers to wear something that is practical as well as relaxed.

On an episode of the Rachael Ray Show her husband Nick Cannon said  that they are in sweatpants.

You will be surprised to know about that the star is a homebody at heart. She really likes to spend her time cooking in the kitchen. Just imagine Carey prepared Thanksgiving dinner.

Ray said that he is really impressed by her apron in there. She does cook and usually people are so surprised about this fact. One should admit that she is a wonderful cook. Cannon even has a favorite dish prepared by his wife, i.e. linguine with clam sauce.

Carey can cook more that just pasta. Moreover she is able to make her marinara sauce for pizza which she can cook at home.

When the couple celebrates their second anniversary, which was on April 30, Nick gave custom-made Ring Pop to Carey. Cannon promised that he will give more serious bling in future to his wife.

Fairy Tail Episode 31

Fairy Tail Episode 31Fairy Tail Episode 31, Fairy Tail 32, Fairy Tail wiki,Fairy Tail 31, Anitube, Castle Of heroes : Fairy Tail 31 | Fairy Tail episode 31 English Sub Online | Watch Fairy Tail episode 31 English Subbed Online | Fairy Tail episode 31 Raw | Watch Fairy Tail ep 31 Online Video Streaming Link and Download is expected on this Monday. There is a bit of time difference in Europe and Asia that's why Asian fans will be able to check the latest Fairy Tail episodes on Monday on the other hand European fans will experience Fairy Tail episode 31 on Sunday.

Now its time for some related updates of Fairy Tail episode 31 which is the upcoming attraction from Fairy Tail anime. Fairy Tail episode 31 is coming with the Official title with "Episode 31?. The release date of Fairy Tail episode 31 is 24th May 2010. Get ready to check the amazing action of Fairy Tail episode 31.


Adriana Lima ¨C Vogue Spain Magazine June 2010

Adriana Lima � Vogue Spain Magazine (June 2010) (MQ)

Hot Videos Of Mallika Sherawat

Hot Videos Of Mallika SherawatHot Videos Of Mallika Sherawat, Hot Videos Free Download, Hot bollywood videos, Ssseeexxxyyy videos ,The wait is finally over!!! Venus Records and Tapes will present Split Image Pictures’ HISSS, represented by William Morris Endeavor (WME), directed by Jennifer Lynch, starring Mallika Sherawat, Irrfan Khan, Divya Dutta and American character actor Jeff Doucette with a First Look for attendees of the Cannes Film Festival next month.

The film, produced by Govind Menon and Vikram Singh Lamba has hit a fever pitch of anticipation about its release which has been in post-production in Hollywood for the past several months.

Sources say the stars of the film will appear at a press photo call at the famed Majestic Hotel on the Cannes croissette, and producers will announce the release date for the film. Rumor has it that even some live snakes may be involved! The event will be followed by an exclusive cocktail party for international buyers, celebrities and festival VIPs.

Irrfan Khan has confirmed his presence for the trip, and early word has it that the film could be his best performance yet. Divya Dutta, too, has been noted with a stellar performance as Khan’s wife in the film.

If unveiling a first look of HISSS wasn’t enough, a second event with Mallika Sherawat for her other new film, LOVE, BARACK is also set to take place. A romantic comedy set during Barack Obama’s campaign for the U.S. Presidency, the film just finished shooting last month in Los Angeles.[imagebrowser id=12]


Character Protects Life

Character Protects LifeLatest News Update About Character Protects Life: Nothing makes you feel safer than a giant anime character watching over your city.? Complete with its own saber, this life-sized, five-ton, 18-meter tall Gundam began guarding the Japanese city of Shizuoka from July this year and will remain there until May of 2011.? It will then move to stand guard over another prefecture in Japan.The 35-ton statue is made out of a fiberglass-reinforced plastic over a steel frame, allowing it to be disassembled later. It also features 50 lights, 14 mist-emitting devices, sound effects, and a moving head unit. Sounds pretty indestructible to me! Hmm…I wonder if I can write to the Mayor of Seattle and ask if he can erect a life-sized Transformer to guard the city.

Check out the amazing time-lapse video below which really makes? the Gundam seem real!

Jay Chou Concert in Singapore 2010

Jay Chou Concert in Singapore 2010Jay Chou Concert in Singapore 2010, On 11 to 13th of June, he had his first New Era concert in Taipei, Taiwan.

25th of June, concert in Shanghai, China.

3rd of July in Beijing, China.

10th of July in Tianjin, China.

Today, 17th of July in Changzhou, China.

And on 23th to 25th of July, Jay Chou will be having his concert in Singapore! He will be at Singapore until 27th for promoting events.

When is Malaysia’s tour?

Proudly announce that Jay Chou will be having his concert in Malaysia next year on 5th March 2011!

Luckily I am not been selected for the National Service!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Nadia Fazlini Sharip

Nadia Fazlini Sharip Latest News Update, Singapore is getting exciting in these two days, just a poly students having her hot photo exposed, now an ex-actress having her sex video exposed. She is Nadia Fazlini Sharip, and been in acting the 'Anak Metropolitan' for Mediacorp.  According to Mediacorp, two MediaCorp TV12 Suria's programmes 'A' and 'Anak Metropolitan' both aced the 'Top Programmes of the Week in Suria' list in their debut episodes. Leading the teenage gangster team are Nadia Fazlini and Suzairhe Sumarie.Nadia was the winner of Suria's talent search competition, Anugerah 1999, and was nominated for 'Best Supporting Actress' category in Suria's Pesta Perdana 5. Suzairhe is an accomplished actor and was nominated for the 'Best Actor' and 'Best Supporting Actor' categories in Pesta Perdana 5.A graphic video clip of a former Singaporean air stewardess and part-time actress having sex with a man has been circulating online.The four-minute clip, which focused nearly entirely on the woman in explicit poses performing sex acts, is the latest in a growing and dangerous trend among young hot who take compromising pictures of themselves or let others do so.

But unlike the other clips that have surfaced online of relatively unknown local victims, the woman in this video is a celebrity of sorts.

The New Paper believes she is a part-time actress who has appeared in television dramas on the local Malay TV channel Suria. The video looks to be taken by the man.It also appears to have been taken with the actress' knowledge, as she is the focus of the video throughout.The woman in her 20s, a former air stewardess, did not want to say much about the video when contacted by The New Paper yesterday.

Click Full Story

Delhi Budget 2010 Has been Announced by AK Walia

A.K. Walia, the finance minister of Delhi, is  announcing the Delhi Budget 2010.

The total estimate budget for the Delhi Budget 2010 is Rs. 26,000  crore.

Walia allocated Rs. 675 crore for more buses for DTC with an  introduction of special non-stop DTC bus services on around 50 routes.  Installation of GPS in DTC buses was also announced.

The officials indicated that as revenue collection fell by over Rs  1,300 crore during the year 2008-09 the Government might take some  "harsh measures" to improve its financial position.

These are some ways by which Delhi Government is anticipated to increase  the revenue in the Delhi Budget 2010 for the current fiscal year. These  measures involves in bus fares, water tariff, removing of the subsidy  to some extent on the electricity bills and an increment in VAT on some  products

Canara Bank Recruitment 2010 For Jobs of Probationary Officers

Canara Bank in India has a history of nine         decades and is the largest public sector banks in India. Canara  Bank         India has a deposit advance base of Rs.640 bn and Rs 332 bn  (figure in         the year 2002).

The rencent advertisement by Canara Bank for 500 posts of  Probationary Officers and 1000 posts of Clerk the advertisement and  other instruction can be downloaded by visiting the link given below.

Post name and 1500 vacancies arrangement

1) Probationary Officer – 500 posts

2) Probationary Clerk – 1000 posts


1) Probationary Officer – First class with Graduation (60 % up)

2) Probationary Clerk – First class with 10+2 certif. (60 % up)

Important dates

1) Opening – 25-03-2010

2) Closing – 24-04-2010

3) Written test� 04-07-2010

4) Start Date for Fee deposit � March 25, 2010

5) Last Date for Fee deposit � April 24, 2010

Canara Bank Recruitment Application

1) Probationary Officer:

2) Probationary Clerk: