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Mohammad Yousuf And Younis Khan Banned from Pakistan Cricket

“The PCB has handed out the most comprehensive set of punishments to  national players in recent memory, banning a number of senior players  and implementing heavy fines on others on the recommendations of an  inquiry committee formed to look into Pakistan’s disastrous tour to  Australia. The biggest and most unexpected action is the implementation,  in effect, of life bans on Mohammad Yousuf and Younis Khan, a wholly  unexpected development. Shoaib Malik and Rana Naved-ul-Hasan have been  banned for a year and the Akmal brothers and Shahid Afridi will be put  on probation for six months and have been fined between Rs 2-3 million  for various misdemeanours.

The inquiry committee set by Pakistan cricket board suggested this  bans and fines on the players. This bans are because of dismal  performance of the team in Australia, bad influential behaviour of few  players, ball tampering issue and much more.

Seema Biswas makes first filmic foray into comedy with ”Cooking with Stella”

Indian film actress Seema Biswas, who is vastly known for the serious roles she plays in movies, has made her first filmic foray into comedy with ”Cooking with Stella”.

”Cooking with Stella”, which was written by Dilip Mehta and his sister Deepa, was made about a year ago, and it is set in New Delhi, primarily in and around the compound of the Canadian High Commission.

For Biswas, 45, from Assam, the movie is a groundbreaker, as it is the first comedy she has made out of theatre, and speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall, she acknowledged that it was a challenge for her.

“So, for me, it was a big responsibility to do it,” the Globe and Mail quoted her as saying during the premiere of ”Cooking with Stella”.

“I didn”t want it to be a shock for them. You know: ”Oh my God, it’’s the wrong casting”,” she said.

But there was never any doubt in director/co-screenwriter Dilip Mehta’’s mind.

“Seema was my first and my last choice to play the title character,” he said.

“There was no audition. She is so versatile, I just have this implicit faith in her. I mean, I didn”t know if she had the timing you need for comedy — but once we got going, she was way beyond what I ever hoped for,” he stated.

The movie’’s story is about Stella Elizabeth Matthews, who’’s been the chief cook and major domo at one of the diplomatic residences in the Canadian High Commission for 30 years.

A devout Christian, Stella initially seems the essence of deference and rectitude when a new Canadian couple (Lisa Ray, Don McKellar) and their baby move into the home.

But the viewer quickly realizes she has a cunning side: To pad her modest salary, she discreetly pilfers items and occasionally overcharges while simultaneously running a phone-order “duty-free” business selling detergent, booze, food and the like from the commission pantry.

This profitable arrangement threatens to unravel when the couple – Ray is, in fact, the diplomat, McKellar the stay-at-home husband and chef eager to discover “the real India” by enlisting Stella as his “cooking guru” – decides to hire a seemingly straight-arrow nanny (Shriya Saran) who eventually gets wise to Stella’’s subterfuge.

Jesse James Nazi Photo

Jesse James Nazi Photo, Who knew Jesse James and mistress Michelle McGee had more in common than tattoos, adultery and general trashiness: He’s got a Nazi photo spread too!

According to TMZ, there is a photo of James making the rounds in which he wearing a hat identical to the one Michelle McGee wore in her Nazi photo shoot.

In his picture, Jesse James is making the Nazi salute.

The photo, taken two years ago, is undeniably him, and the hat Jesse is wearing is nearly the same as what’s sported by Michelle McGee in her Nazi pics. Bizarre.We knew Jesse James was an a$$hole. But a Nazi?!

Even better (worse), in his photo, Jesse is holding up his right hand in a “Heil Hitler” pose … and with his left hand he is sort of covering his mouth with two fingers.

As in mimicking Hitler’s mustache? Can this get any more sickening? Who does that? Apparently Sandra Bullock’s husband, when he’s not too busy cheating on her.

The woman selling the Nazi picture says she didn’t actually take it (yeah, likely story), rather, it belonged to a friend who happened to be working with Jesse James.

The friend supposedly doesn’t know it’s been hawked. Stay tuned.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation 2010 Elections Maharashtra NNMC

In the middle of violence and chaos reported at few places, the  elections to Aurangabad and Navi Mumbai municipal corporations and  Badlapur and Ambernath municipal councils were held on Sunday. An  average of over 50 per cent voting was recorded.

Ganesh Naik who is Maharashtra Minisiter of Excise has won the Navi  Mumbai Municipal Elections twice before & is aiming for a hat-trick  this time for the NCP.

Maharashtra Election 2010 were on 11th April, 2010 with 89 seats in  total and the Number of Candidates Contested for Navi Mumbai Municipal  Corporation (NMMC) Election 2010 were 470. Checkout here for Latest Navi  Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) Election 2010 Results.

Parties in the fray for the 2010 Navi Mumbai Municipal  Elections, Maharashtra: This is going to be a really tough battle!  Right in the front of the fray is none other than Ganesh Naik  (Maharashtra Minisiter of Excise). He has won the Navi Mumbai Municipal  Elections twice before & is aiming for a hat-trick this time for the  NCP. What’s more, there is a family factor too: His nephew, Sagar is  likely to be declared unopposed.

The local self-government started  functioning from 1 January 1992. NMMC  administers an area of 162 square  km. Number of Candidates Contesting  for the 2010 Navi Mumbai Municipal  Elections, Maharashtra: 470.

otal Seats in the 2010 Navi Mumbai Municipal Elections, Maharashtra:  89

Number of Candidates Contesting for the 2010 Navi Mumbai Municipal  Elections, Maharashtra: 470

Election Results will be updated soon.

Vitamin, calcium likely to reduce breast cancer risk

Post image for Vitamin, calcium likely to reduce breast cancer risk

Vitamins and calcium supplements seem to reduce the risk of breast cancer, according to the latest findings.

“It is not an immediate effect. You don’t take a vitamin today and your breast cancer risk is reduced tomorrow,” said Jaime Matta, professor in the Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico.

“However, we did see a long-term effect in terms of breast cancer reduction.”

Matta said the findings suggest that the calcium supplements are acting to enhance DNA repair capacity, a complex biological process involving more than 200 proteins that, if disrupted, can lead to cancer.

“This process involves at least five separate pathways and is critical for maintaining genomic stability,” said Matta. “When the DNA is not repaired, it leads to mutation that leads to cancer.”

The study included 268 women with breast cancer and 457 healthy people. Women were more likely to have breast cancer if they were older, had a family history, had no history of breastfeeding and had lower DNA repair capacity.

Vitamin supplements appeared to reduce the risk of breast cancer by about 30 percent. Calcium supplements reduced the risk of breast cancer by 40 percent.

After controlling the level of DNA repair capacity, calcium supplements were no longer as protective, but the link between vitamin supplements and breast cancer reduction remained.

“We’re not talking about mega doses of these vitamins and calcium supplements, so this is definitely one way to reduce risk,” said Matta, according to a Ponce School release.

These findings were presented at the American Association for Cancer Research 101st annual meeting.

Mugdha Godse Flaming Hot on ANDpersand Magazine

Mughda Godse sizzles on the cover of  ANDpersand Magazine for the month of April 2010. Mugdha who got  success with Fashion ( Priyanka takes whole credit thought ) hasn't been  able to prove herself in the tinsel town, it seems she working with  some plan but in bollywood no one knows which plan will be hit at what  time. Checkout Mudgha Godse ANDpersand Magazine.

Basics on Mugdha

Mugdha Godse  is a Leonine, born on 26th July 1986. Standing tall at 5'8", the model  turned actress studied Commerce at the MMCC College in Pune.

She  turned heads with her ravishing looks and soon became? a successful  model. She was part of contests like the Femina Miss India (2004) where  she won the Miss Perfect 10 title; she won top place at the Gladrags  Mega Model Contest and won the Best National Costume at the Best Model  of the World (2002) contest.

She appears in one of the lead roles in the Hindi film Fashion. The film  is directed by Madhur Bhandarkar has Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut  and Arbaaz Khan alongside her.

Charlotte Church learning karate to stay fit

Post image for Charlotte Church learning karate to stay fit

Welsh singer Charlotte Church is said to be keeping fit by learning karate at a secret SAS training hideout.

Church, 24, is having martial arts lessons from a beefy ex-Para in Wales' remote Brecon Beacons, and pals say she is trying to get as fit as her rugby star boyfriend Gavin Henson.

"Charlotte's learning karate and jujitsu – as well as having boxercise lessons. It's not the soft stuff, she's insisted on a hardcore regime," the Sun quoted a pal of hers as saying.

"You often get people doing it for fun, but she's really determined and takes it to the extreme.

"She's always had the voice of an angel, now she's got the moves of the Karate Kid too," the pal stated.

Church, mum to 2?-year-old Ruby and Dexter, one, puts herself through the gruelling exercise sessions at least three times a week.

She travels from her 1.5million pounds mansion in the Vale of Glamorgan to the mountain hideout where the SAS train for Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Charlotte's trainer is a martial arts expert who was with the Parachute Regiment and the French Foreign Legion," her friend said.

"He also did freelance bodyguarding work and was in Africa five years – so he knows his stuff.

"Charlotte isn't one of these pampered stars. She's really tough. She might be gobby, but she could back it up without a doubt," the friend added.

Church, who revealed her sensational new figure last month, has also been spotted training in a Cardiff park.


CSK vs DC: IPL 2nd Semi Final Highlights, Live Score, Streaming

Chennai Super Kings and Deccan Chargers will clash in the 2nd  SemiFinal match of the IPL 2010. The match will be played at the D Y  PAtil Stadium in Mumbai on 22nd April 2010. Watch Live cricket streaming  and Live scores.

Chennai have made it to every semi-final  of the IPL since the onset of the tournament, but have yet to lift the  coveted trophy, while the Deccan Chargers will be the only  team to play in consecutive finals should they advance that far.

Deccan are coming off a superb run,  winning their last five matches in the tournament and with momentum  proving to be such a factor, could well hold the advantage.

Chennai: (probable) Matthew Hayden, M Vijay, Suresh  Raina, MS Dhoni (capt & wk), S Badrinath, Albie Morkel, Justin Kemp,  R Ashwin, Doug Bollinger, Shadab Jakati, L Balaji/Sudeep Tyagi

Deccan:  (probable) Adam Gilchrist (capt & wk), Mohnish Mishra, T Suman,  Andrew Symonds, Rohit Sharma, Mitchell Marsh/Dwayne Smith, Ryan  Harris/Chaminda Vaas, RP Singh, Rahul Sharma, Pragyan Ojha, Harmeet  Singh

Here are the latest scores:

Deccan Chargers (DC): 102/6 (17.2 overs)

Adam Gilchrist c Anirudha b Bollinger 15 (20b 1?4 1?6)

Herschelle Gibbs b Jakati 18 (26b 1?4 0?6)

T Suman c Raina b Bollinger 4 (4b 1?4 0?6)

Rohit Sharma c Muralitharan b A Morkel 2 (5b 0?4 0?6)

Andrew Symonds c M Vijay b R Ashwin 23 (22b 3?4 0?6)

Monish Mishra st Dhoni b Jakati 2 (5b 0?4 0?6)

B Sumanth (not out) 15 (15b 2?4 0?6)

Ryan Harris (not out) 15 (7b 1?4 1?6)

Extras: 8

Chennai Super Kings (CSK): 142/7 (20 Overs)

Murali Vijay lbw b Ryan Harris 15 (10b 1?4 1?6)

Mathew Hayden c Symonds b Ryan Harris 8 (9b 2?4 0?6)

Suresh Raina c Gilchrist b Symonds 2 (4b 0?4 0?6)

S Badrinath st Gilchrist b RP Singh 37 (41b 3?4 1?6)

MS Dhoni c Rohit Sharma b Harmeet 30 (32b 3?4 0?6)

Albei Morkel c Symonds b Ojha 4 (4b 0?4 0?6)

S Anirudha c Gibbs b Ryan Harris 24 (15b 2?4 2?6)

R Ashwin (not out) 6 (5b 1?4 0?6)

Shadab Jakati (not out) 0 (0b 0?4 0?6)

Extras: 16

Melissa Toh

Melissa TohLatest Updates News About Melissa Toh, In Loving Memory Of Melissa Toh, Melissa Toh Blog, Melissa Toh Death, Melissa Toh News: You know…I can't believe your operation finally happened last Wednesday. I also can't believe that you managed to sound so brave over the phone while I talked with you the night before it.

What I DID believe with all my heart and soul was that you cursed at mom when you got out from the operation room. After all, you learnt how to say "chee bye" even before I did, as a 4 year old…. You don't believe? Go ask mom. Then, go blame dad. The morphine does wonders huh?

Also, I'm sorry I couldn't come back to be with you for a while before and after your operation. Tickets were super expensive and dad told me I should just stay back and concentrate on studies. But I did pray for you every night. And voila, you were back on your feet after, what? 5 days only?

But I really wanted to go back for laksa…

When mom told me that you were admitted into SGH, I nearly went ballistic. A GENERAL HOSPITAL?! Kuching Specialist is just a 2 minutes walk away from our house and they sent you to that overcrowded, dilapidated, GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL. Well, yeah. That's what I wanted to say to mom but it came out like this.

What’s Katrina Kaif’s Favourite Dish

Considering Katrina Kaif’s gorgeous sleek body one can easily guess her diet but does anyone know what is her favourite dish? The epitome of simplicity Katrina here too goes with her belief and chooses simple curd-rice as her favourite menu.What's Katrina Kaif's Favourite Dish

"Katrina is crazy about curd-rice and can have it in all the three meals of the day. She is very particular about her diet and seldom binges into spicy food to avoid any kind of health hassles," confirms a source.

It may also be noted her on a serious note, that Katrina prefers on spice less diet for health reasons as she is under treatment for blood related disease. All we say is 'health is surely wealth for this lovely diva'.

Britney Spears, Jason Trawick part ways � professionally

Post image for Britney Spears, Jason Trawick part ways – professionally

Washington, May 12 (ANI): Britney Spears and her beau Jason Trawick "have decided to end their professional relationship and focus on their personal relationship", a rep of the singer said.

People magazine quoted Spears rep as saying: “Since wrapping her recent world tour, Spears has been busy in the studio working on her next album.”

“They are very happy,” a source said of the couple.

The source added: “Things are really good with them.” (ANI)

Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh: The worst television is MTV. 'Music Television' — they call it that, they don't even play music. Daniel ToshHow's that legal? What if everybody did that? 'Hey, thanks for calling New York Pizza.' 'Yeah, give me two large pepperoni pizzas.' 'Oh, we don't sell pizza.' 'What?' 'No, we just have raccoon hats and eye patches. Call a book store if you're hungry.'


Monica Love All Over Me Video

Monica Love All Over Me VideoMonica Love All Over Me Video, Check out this preview of Monica's 'Love All Over Me' video. The track has thus far peaked at #14 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Peep the trailer below:

Ali And Roberto Secret Past

Ali And Roberto Secret PastLatest News Update About? Ali And Roberto Secret Past: Superb Chris on the balcony of his cabin in Tahiti discover? a rainbow filled the sky, the sign of Chris's mother told her son to look after her death. A sign said Chris of his late mother watched him. Ali, in the finale after the Rose, saying that Chris Harrison and the crew of British Columbia has seen heaven in tears for Chris. In the final episode, after thanking Chris Ali to take the decision to tell the truth Chris, Ali was in love with Roberto. Roberto proposal lovely Ali. Ultimately, the ABC and a class act and entertainment last episode Rose. The biggest surprise of the last episode of Rose: ABC has managed to thwart his year and a half long, Bachelor / Bachelorette spoiler reality pests Steve who has emphatically stated on July 22 during an interview, Ali, after the end of episode Rose Bora Bora left one woman. "

"I never doubted that Ali is" alone, but "I do not know what happens in the final Rose Ceremony, I was not there, not sure if the two boys, one point kneel down and propose and Ali said "no. I do not know if this is to offer both types, if a little Ali gives them a head in advance and say 'look, do not bother because I do not intend to accept. " I have no idea, all I know is that Ali, all I said was that Ali Bora Bora left one woman and if my sources are wrong, it would be the first thing about all season but I think they are, so I stuck by it, and if they are bad, then we're both wrong, and I am wrong, and wrong, and I tell you I have no reason to believe they are. "Hours before the latest episode reality Steve Rose sent his sources were not always reliable RS Steve actually apologized to his fans:

Man, this show is doing its best to keep the end of tonight and secret ATFR. Obviously not about all the details of its season ruined two weeks before the first episode aired, but watch the end result is that Kasey monitors and protects a woman's heart. After ABC pulled the feat this weekend, told E! I get off the License ": Past and Present" special reprisals are all I have to follow program ruining surprises. And that is what I now say what I know tonight the final. More on E! especially later in this column. This is what I know:


Yumeiro Patissiere Episode 44, Yumeiro Patissiere Ep 44

Yumeiro Patissiere Episode 44, Yumeiro Patissiere Ep 44Yumeiro Patissiere Episode 44, Latest News update about Yumeiro Patissiere Episode 44:Yumeiro Patissiere 44? – This is the online video streaming of Yumeiro Patissiere Episode 44. The video for Yumeiro Patissiere 44 will be available here starting on the scheduled date of release. The scheduled release date for Yumeiro Patissiere 44 will be on August 08, 2010. The Yumeiro Patissiere 44 sub title and raw title is not yet know. Please try searching the term Yumeiro Patissiere 44 at for you to find additional writings.

Be here always at for the fresh update of the information you needed of this much awaited anime. Meanwhile you can watch here the previous episode of Yumeiro Patissiere while waiting for the availability of Yumeiro Patissiere 44 raw and Yumeiro Patissiere Episode 44 English Sub. You can also try to check out our numerous anime list of your choice on various anime genres. Have Fun and enjoy your stay!

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Watch Eclipse Trailer Official Released Today Full Video

Eclipse Trailer (Official)  2010 – The official trailer of the Twilight  Saga: Eclipse movie is finally out! Watch it here!

Twilight fans got their first glimpse of the third installment of the Twilight franchise on Thursday March 11 and this 90 second trailer gives a good indication of the excitement, the drama, and the love story that are all going to be focus points of the third film

The angst is back and so are the red contacts that we all despise so much. Dakota Fanning  makes another appearance as does the rest of The Volturi, and Edward and Bella are faced with the decision of whether or not she should be turned into a vampire. Jacob is still fighting the good fight to win Bella's heart, and he goes toe to toe with Edward begging him to understand that in the end, he might be best for her. Oh, and Victoria's back and she's pissed off!

The trailer is also going to be shown in cinemas before screenings of Robert Pattinson's new movie "Remember Me." "Eclipse" will of course see the return of Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, as Edward, Bella and Jacob.


Jesse James Mistress Michelle Bombshell Mcgee Pics

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee is saying that she shagged  Jesse James   (Sandra Bullock’s hubby) for approx. eleven months. So she wants to add  onto her 15 min of fame by talking to in touch mag about this  ‘affair’

McGee saved him as Jesse J in her address book. What did he text?? “Just  think’n bout u this morning,” among other things, including “speaking  of licking.??”

What a ‘classy’ lady. Knife in the mouth, Nazi Swastika on her arm…  yeah Hitler would be proud. What the hell Jesse, you have a lovely wife  and you shagged this woman? What the beep was he thinking?!?!?

It is becoming clear just what Oscar-winning?Sandra Bullock, America’s  perpetual girl next door, was up against in her husband, Jesse James’  alleged mistress. Michelle McGee, a.k.a., “Michelle Bombshell,” a tattoo  model for Angry White Boy clothing, outed James for a torrid?11-month  affair

Watch Bidaai 24th March 2010 Star Plus

sapnaa babul ka…. bidaai, started off on the 10th of October, 2007          with many hopes at 9pm on plus. During these 1 1/2 years it has      emerged     as the top show of   television.     Earlier it was tuned  to  1  hour which made the   story very interesting   due   to the  uprising  of  many twists in the   show. However from the  past 3  to  4   weeks,  the  story is getting a  bit  too boring due to  over-acting   of    alekh, and  mental disabled  man as  sometimes he is the  smartest  man   in   the  world(eg. in  judging who is a  perfect groom dost  for   sadhna)  and    sometimes  behaves like a 7 yr  old child(in  neglecting   feelings  that    sadhna  has for him and how bad  she will  feel if she   comes to know   this).

Video will be coming soon

Britney Spears wants to remain ‘untouched’

Post image for Britney Spears wants to remain 'untouched'

Pop princess Britney Spears is said to have refused permission for her latest ad campaign to be airbrushed.

Spears, 28, has insisted that none of her shots for US-based fashion firm Candie's should be digitally enhanced.

But she agreed for re-touched versions to be released simultaneously – highlighting the pressure on women to look perfect.

In the "raw" pictures, bruises are visible on her calf, her thighs are larger and dimpled with cellulite, and dry skin is evident on her feet.

In the airbrushed images her waist is slimmer and her legs flawless.

"Britney is proud of her body – imperfections and all," the New York Daily News quoted a source as saying.

Watch Kites Movie Online Preview, Trailer, Review, Cast and Crew

Genre:Action and Adventure, Romance

Director:Anurag Basu

Cast:Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, Kangana Ranaut, Kabir Bedi

The desert sun beats down a man, hurt and barely alive. The one thought  on J's mind as he fights for his life in the burning desert is Natasha.

J  (Hrithik Roshan) is a salsa instructor in Las Vegas.

Natasha  (Barbara Mori), a Spanish woman, comes to him to learn the salsa. Though  they don't speak the same language, it does not stand in the way of  love.

Watch as Jay and Natasha fall in love despite language and cultural  barriers, and embark on an action—packed adventure of love, dance, and  danger across Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Mexico — an adventure that  could kill them both, or bring them together forever.

A Salsa dancer who doesn't mind making an easy buck in an underhand way  falls in love with a woman engaged to the son of a rich, powerful casino  owner. What unravels is a game of love, passion, deceit and betrayal.

Whats in trailer: The trailer starts from the scene  of swimming pool with swimmers  hrithik and barbara. Also you will see Barbara Mori in bikini in this video trailer. Action pack scenes, die hard emotions will add  more rating to the trailer. You will not find Kangana in this trailer.

Watch New Zealand vs Sri Lanka Live Streaming T20 Worldcup and Highlights

Watch new zealand vs sri lanka Live streaming t20 world cup live streaming and highlights

The first match of the ICC World T20 will see the two Group B teams, New Zealand and Sri Lanka take on each other at the Providence Stadium in Guyana. Sri Lanka was the runner-up in the previous edition of the ICC World T20 played in 2009, whereas the Kiwis had failed to qualify for the semi-finals. This Sri Lankan side is one the most balanced teams going around in world cricket. New Zealand have been world cricket's under-achievers and they would be desperate to change that fact starting with this year's World T20.

New Zealand Sri Lanka.Match scheduled to begin at 13:00 local time

Current time: 05:52 local, 09:52 GMT.

New Zealand squad

DL Vettori*, SE Bond, IG Butler, MJ Guptill, GJ Hopkins?, BB McCullum?, NL McCullum, KD Mills, RJ Nicol, JDP Oram, AJ Redmond, JD Ryder, TG Southee, SB Styris, LRPL Taylor

Sri Lanka squad

KC Sangakkara*?, M Muralitharan, LD Chandimal, TM Dilshan, CU Jayasinghe, ST Jayasuriya, DPMD Jayawardene, S Randiv, CK Kapugedera, KMDN Kulasekara, SL Malinga, AD Mathews, BAW Mendis, NLTC Perera, UWMBCA Welegedara


Nawaz wants acceptable solution to end Hazara protests

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Mian Nawaz Sharif said Tuesday innocent lives should not be wasted to do politics on the issue of NWFP name.

The PML-N chief chaired a consultative meeting held at the Punjab House to review the prevailing tense situation in Abbotabad.

The meeting was also attended by Raja Zafar ul Haq, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Ahsan Iqbal, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, Pir Sabir Shah and other senior leaders.

He said that those political parties that were rejected by the people would not be allowed to stoke violence in the Hazara Division.

The former premier urged all political parties to sit together to find an acceptable and immediate solution to the problem.

He said his party has showed flexibility on the renaming of NWFP, as it does not want to create hurdles in the passage of 18th Amendment for the sake of provincial autonomy and restoration of the Constitution.

"Our party will speak to the elders of Hazara Division to bring the situation under control," he said.

Nawaz wants acceptable solution to end Hazara protests

Read the original here:

Nawaz wants acceptable solution to end Hazara protests

Mint Julep Recipe

Today is the Kentucky Derby 2010. And network coverage in the derby begins at 4. You can also prepare for the Kentucky Derby, you’re probably ready to provide the official drink of the Kentucky Derby – Mint Juleps. However, do not even know how to make them?

Here is a failure, Mint Julep recipe sure to please any size crowd as they watch the horses run for the roses at Churchill Downs this evening. Below a traditional recipe. Then it will also include instructions for making simple syrup instead of using water and powdered sugar to prepare the drink.

Mint Julep Ingredients:

4 sprigs fresh mint

21 / 2 ounces bourbon whiskey

Powdered sugar 1 tsp

2 teaspoons water

Help Mint Julep:

Muddled mint leaves, powdered sugar, and water in a collins glass. Stained Glass

Alternative instructions simple syrup:

Simply take the granulated sugar and water and boil it on the stove in a drink. Syrup can be stored in the refrigerator and used at any time you need it to make Mint Julep.

What could be better than the Mint Julep? “Maybe chocolate! Below I’ve found the best chocolate mint julep recipe for Kentucky Derby fans.

Chocolate Mint Julep recipe:

1 shot Bourbon

Killed cream de menthe 1

1 shot Godiva liqueur

Branch mint

Watch the video below for how to make a visual demonstation Mint Julep. Enjoy the race!

Dance India Dance

Dance India DanceDance India Dance, Dance India Dance is a dance show that airs on the Indian satellite television channel ZEE TV. The show has? become India's largest dance-based reality show. The show is to be choreographed by some of the most popular Indian choreographers, such as Terence Lewis,Remo D'Souza, and Geeta Kapur. The Bollywood dancing star Mithun Chakraborty? is the grandmaster of the show. The show airs every Friday and Saturday. The winner of the 1st season was Salman Khan (Mohammed Y.K. Ghouse), from Bengaluru. Due to its grand success in season 1 the show launched Dance India Dace Season 2 on 18th December 2009.he show has raw talent of age group 15 to 25 from all over India. Once chosen, the contestants are trained by professional choreographers. There after the participants' compete against each other. Some of the dance forms that are taught to the contestants are Ballet, Acrobatics, Shadow dancing, Mid-air dancing, Broadway theatre, Contemporary, Bollywood and Hip-hop although ballroom dances are not included.Coming to the current status of this happening reality show "Dance India Dance" Come this Friday, the curtain will close on Dance India Dance 2. A feisty battle is expected between the four finalists – Dharmesh Yelande, Shakti Mohan, Punit and Binny Sharma. Adding glitz to glamour is the cast of Rajneethi. Present will be Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif.

Earlier, It was buzzed that Hrithik Roshan will be the special guest but the channel has honed on to Kapoor and Katrina. The duo will be there to promote their upcoming flick Rajneethi.After crossing big challenges given by three mentors Geeta kapur, Remo D Souza and Terrance Louis, four contestants, Dharmesh Yelande, Shakti Mohan, Punit and Binny Sharma are now looking forward to grab the 'Suhneri takdir ki topi' and the title of 'dancing super star'. The evening will see outstanding performance from the mentors too.

The grand finale takes place on 23 April.

Jay Z and Beyonce to Rock BET Awards 2010, BET Awards 2010 Nominations

Earlier today, in a brightly lit room  overseeing the busy mid-Manhattan streets, the nominees for the 10th  annual BET Awards were announced with the help of this year's  host Queen Latifah, the self-proclaimed 'champion of  Hip-Hop' Diddy and his entourage of Dirty Money.?  Check out who was nominated for what after the jump…

The 10th annual show will feature performances from Trey Songz, Nicki  Minaj, Drake, and Diddy-Dirty Money, who was on hand to announce the  nominations, along with Oscar nominee Queen Latifah, who will serve as  host.

BET think they slick nominating Justin Beiber for ratings lol, check  more nominations below.

Best Female R&B Artist


Mary J. Blige

Melanie Fiona

Alicia Keys


Best Male R&B Artist

Chris Brown

Raheem DeVaughn


Trey Songz


Best Female Hip-Hop Artist

Ester Dean

Lil' Kim

Nicki Minaj



Best Male Hip-Hop Artist






Best New Artist

Justin Bieber

Melanie Fiona

Nicki Minaj


Young Money

Best Gospel

The Anointed Pace Sisters

Kirk Franklin Presents Artists United For Haiti

Tamela Mann

Marvin Sapp

Vickie Winans

Best Group

Black Eyed Peas


Diddy-Dirty Money

New Boyz

Young Money

Best Collaboration

Beyoncé f/ Lady Gaga – "Video Phone"

B.o.B f/ Bruno Mars – "Nothin' on You"

Drake & Trey Songz – "Successful"

Drake f/ Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem – "Forever"

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys – "Empire State of Mind"

Trey Songz f/ Fabolous – "Say Aah"

Video Director of the Year

Benny Boom

Gil Green

Anthony Mandler

Chris Robinson

Hype Williams

Video of the Year

Beyoncé f/ Lady Gaga – "Video Phone"

B.o.B f/ Bruno Mars – "Nothin' on You"

Melanie Fiona – "It Kills Me"

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys – "Empire State of Mind"

Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West – "Run This Town"

Viewer's Choice

Beyoncé – "Sweet Dreams"

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys – "Empire State of Mind"

Monica – "Everything to Me"

Rihanna f/ Young Jeezy – "Hard"

Trey Songz f/ Fabolous – "Say Aah"

Young Money (Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Jae Millz, Drake,  Tyga) f/ Lloyd – "Bedrock"

Best International Act

Kojo Antwi (Ghana)

Chipmunk (UK)

Dizzee Rascal (UK)

Estelle (UK)

Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP) (South Africa)

K'NAAN (Somalia)

M.I. (Nigeria)

P-Square (Nigeria)

Corinne Bailey Rae (UK)

Sade (UK)

Centric Award

Melanie Fiona


Chrisette Michele




Paparazzi 6th Grader

Paparazzi 6th Grader: “Sixth Grade Boy Sings Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi (Video)” Within a matter of days, a sixth grade boy in the United States that sang the Lady Gaga song “Paparazzi” has become very famous. With videos on YouTube going viral all the time, this new child piano prodigy went from unknown status to a worldwide star within a matter of a few days. As of right now, almost nine million people have watched this sixth grader perform his version of Lady Gaga’s hit song Paparazzi. While some have criticized the impact that YouTube has played in modern life, for the most part I believe it has been a positive for the world in general. Without YouTube, likely none of us would have ever heard or seen how talented this young boy really is.


Udaan Movie Review

Udaan Movie ReviewUdaan Movie Review, The three movies which released today are Lamhaa of Sanjay Dutt, Kunal Kapoor and Bipasha Basu which is the Big movie this week and other two movies are Tere Bin Laaden? and Udaan. Now before Talking about the movie Udaan Review we will take a look on the Team and Starcast of the movie first.

Udaan Movie is being directed by the Director Vikramaditya Motwani and Udaan is produced by the Producers like Anurag Kashyap, Ronnie Screwvala and Sanjay Singh. The Script of the movie and Story of Udaan is been written by Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap. The Music of the Movie Udaan is been composed by Amit Trivedi.The Star Cast of the the Udaan is not much seen as before but is fitted with so called TV stars like Ronit Roy, Ram Kapoor, Rajat Barmecha,? Aayan Boradia, Manjot Singh etc. While the Review of the movie is just mentioned below. Udaan Review :

Casting the two kids in main roles is been always tough for the Directors and this been a major fact in backdraw of the Udaan Review. The Review of Udaan is not much good because of poor Direction and Casting of the Starcast of the movie. How ever the movie goes good and make some sense till and after the Interval but over all the story is simple and sober. But it really needed some experience for the main actors in this movie.

So the Udaan Review is just Average movie. If you opt to pass you time you must go to watch this simple Movie. The Udaan Review gives it a Star Rating of 2 Star. The Ratings and Review could have been better if the Roles were played by experienced players.

Udaan Reviews are : ***** (2 Star Ratings out of 5 Possible)

Antara Mitra

antara mitraAntara Mitra is one of the Participant – Contestant of new musical reality TV Show IPL Rockstar, Music Ka Tadka which is aired on Colors TV. She was one of the participants of Indian Idol Season 2. She came in fifth position, and was the last female remaining in Sony Entertainment Television's reality show Indian idol 2.

Bleach Episode 282, Bleach 282

Bleach Episode 282, Bleach 282Latest News Update About Bleach Episode 282, Bleach 282: Bleach Episode 282, Bleach 282: Bleach Episode 282 English Title: "The power of the soul! Los Lobos, Attack!"

Bleach Episode 282 RAW title: "Tamashi no chikara! Robosu Rosu, sh?rai" (? ? ?! ??, ??!)

Release date: August 3, 2010

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Watch the episode of Bleach anime episode 282 English Sub. Stay tuned for another exciting episode of Bleach video 282


Watch Ufc 117 Online Free, Ufc 117 Live Stream

Watch Ufc 117 Online FreeWatch Ufc 117 Online Free, Latest News Update About Watch Ufc 117 Online Free: UFC 117 ?? ?b??t t? ?t?rt ?n a few summary, UFC 117 ?? a mixed martial arts consequence held b? th? Essential Fighting Finals. UFC 117 ?? scheduled t? took house ?n 7th Distinguished ?t th? Prediction Arena ?n Oakland, California, United States.

Th? main fight ?n UFC 117 ?? between Silva vs. Sonnen, ?? before announced b? UFC President Dana White th?t Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva w??ld face Chael Sonnen ?n Distinguished 7 ?ft?r having ?h???? words f?r th? champion.

"I'm telling ??? aptly now, ?f h? acts l?k? th?t again ?n th? ring, I w?ll ??t h?m," ???d White.

"I don't care ?f h?'s th? pound f?r pound best fighter ?n th? world. I don't care ?f h?'s th? middleweight champion." Dana White superfluous:

S? guys g?t ready physically t? mind UFC 117 Silva vs. Sonnen Live Streaming via PPV ?n HQ ?nd HD format Online. Y?? ??n mind th?? consequence online via streaming sites l?k? Ustream, Justin tv ?nd SopCast. UFC 117 Replay videos w?ll b? posted here aptly ?ft?r th?? consequence. Read More


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lady Gaga Says Hello to her Song Called Telephone

Post image for Lady Gaga Says Hello to her Song Called Tele<a href='' target='_blank'>phone</a>

The latest music video of Lady Gaga was shown last time on E! News. After the show, people are now trying to read between the lines and started to talk about the deeper meanings of the lyrics and the video as well.

The eccentric singer told in an exclusive interview with E! News that she always have hidden messages in her every song. But this is her way to convey to the listeners what should be the ideas that must be included when it comes to making a pop music video.

Everybody knows for a fact that pop music videos are composed of several factors. This includes several costume changes for a song that would last for a few minutes, choreographed dances, and ludicrous way of editing. But what sets the Telephone apart from the other pop music videos?

She considers the Paparazzi video have that high art quality which is also found in the Telephone. The song alone has a shallow meaning but you would look for a deeper sense when you see the video. It was directed by Jonas Akerlund. But she got the full support of Quentin Tarantino who also wrote and directed the film called Inglourious Basterds in 2009.

Michelle Bombshell Mcgee Website and Hot Nazi Pics, Pictures, Images

The Michelle Bombshell Mcgee Website shows some of the interview  features about the factuality of her relationship with Jesse James, The  Interview from In touch Magazine if found on this Michelle Bombshell  Mcgee Website.

The news caused Academy Award-winning actress Sandra  Bullock (The Blind Side) to split from Jesse James, reportedly  moving out of their home last Monday

Besides, he had a fortune and land. Questions are  also being raised about the background of the woman. Very little is  known about her in the industry. But now after the reports have surface  people are taking interest in Michelle.

Based upon a little prohibited poke list which we found upon most  website a couple of impulse ago, often people have been meddlesome to  find Michelle Bombshell Mcgee Nazi pics today.

According to earlier court documents, McGee has disputed Modica’s  claims. The 24-year-old insists that she spends quality time with her  sons.

No Indian touch in choreography today: National Award winner Chinni Prakash

National Award winning choreographer Chinni Prakash laments that he has come to be known only for the use of pelvic thrusts in Bollywood song sequences. He also feels that his lot is not given its due in terms of money and recognition as most people end up copying from Western cultures.

“I would love to direct again and in fact I have some very good scripts in my mind. I’m just in the process of penning them down. Once I’m done with that and once I complete the projects I am currently working on, I will take up direction,” Prakash told IANS in an interview on phone from Mumbai.

The choreographer donned the director’s hat in 1997 for “Ghoonghat” starring Ayesha Jhulka and Inder Kumar.

“People in the industry feel that I am only capable of directing dance sequences where many dancers are required. I have been typecast for doing only such sequences, which is a drawback for me…It’s a mind block that people have,” Prakash told IANS in an interview.

“They feel I won’t be able to do anything else. Hence I have become choosy too. I only take up work that gives me the freedom to apply creativity,” he added.

Prakash, who started working at the age of 17, has been in the industry for almost three decades now. Some of the films he choreographed for include “Hum”, “Karan Arjun”, “Main Khiladi Tu Anari”, “Krantiveer”, “Gupt”, “Dil Bole Hadippa” and “London Dreams” among many others. On the whole, Prakash has choreographed close to 1,000 songs in different languages.

The choreographer, who recently won his first National Award for the song “Azeem-o-shaan” from the film “Jodhaa Akbar”, had lost all hope of winning an award for it and so it came as a surprise.

“We had really worked hard on the song and it is one of my most difficult dance sequences. I was expecting that the song will definitely fetch me awards, but when it did not get recognition, I lost all hope.

“I was very disappointed initially. But when the National Awards were announced, I couldn’t believe it. It is a great honour and very surprising,” said the dance director.

Prakash, who works with his wife Rekha as his partner, feels nowadays choreography lacks creativity and an Indian touch.

“The way songs are choreographed today, there is no Indian touch and there is hardly any creativity. Most people just simply copy from Western cultures and that’s why all of them end up doing the same thing,” said Prakash.

“Indian culture is so vast and rich, I don’t know why people are not encouraging it,” he added.

He also feels choreographers don’t get their due in the industry.

“We are not honoured the way we should be. Music and dance are the most important things in our culture, but we are still not given our due as far as recognition is concerned.

“As far as remuneration is concerned, the actors, directors are paid in crores, but we are given just a few lakhs. Even we should be paid properly because we work very hard,” said the choreographer.

One of the few projects that Prakash is currently working on includes Anees Bazmee’s “No Problem” and Arbaaz Khan’s “Dabang”.


Are we having more earthquakes?

From Chile to China, there’s not more shaking, but there is more damage, experts say.

See the original post:

Are we having more earthquakes?


Olga Kurylenko wants to stay single for life

Post image for Olga Kurylenko wants to stay single for life

Former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko says she will not tie the knot for a third time because she doesn”t want to “sacrifice” her career for a family.

The Ukrainian actress, 30, who starred in 2008′’s Quantum Of Solace, walked down the aisle with French fashion photographer Cedric van Mol in 2000 but the pair called it quits four years later.

She then tied the knot with an American businessman but this marriage too ended in divorce.

And now Kurylenko says she is quite happy being single.

“I think I”ll be single my whole life. It’’s entirely possible I”m going to end up alone. Because I don”t want to make any sacrifices for my own development and achieving what I want to achieve and I don”t want a family to get in the way of that. I feel I”m not ready for that and I don”t know if I ever will be,” the Daily Express quoted Kurylenko, as saying.

“I was married twice and I did it early. Some people my age might say, ”OK, now’’s the time to settle down and get married.” But not me. I”ve done it before. I was settled my whole life from when I was 20 years old and I”ve always been in relationships. But now I”m not and I”m keeping it open,” she added.

Butler’s Gordon Hayward to Test NBA Draft Waters

Filed under: Butler, NCAA Tournament

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Butler forward Gordon Hayward (right) is going to enter the NBA draft but will not sign with an agent, allowing him to return to school if he withdraws his name by May 8.

The school confirmed the decision Wednesday afternoon.

The 6-foot-9 sophomore is expected to become the first Butler player taken in the first round, possibly in the top 15.

A native of Brownsburg, Ind., Hayward led the Bulldogs with 15.5 points per game and into the national championship game. He was the Horizon League player of the year and Most Outstanding Player of the West Regional, and along the way his draft stock soared.

The Bulldogs lost to Duke 61-59 in the title game after Hayward missed two potential go-ahead baskets in the closing seconds.

“I have decided to declare for this June’s NBA draft,” Hayward said in a statement released by the school. “At the present time, I have not signed with an agent. I’m looking forward to further exploring my options in the NBA, while finishing this semester strongly in the classroom.”

Hayward was seen smiling inside the basketball office Wednesday afternoon as he chatted with two of his teammates-outgoing seniors Avery Jukes and Willie Veasley-before the decision was announced. Jukes and Veasley were scheduled to play briefly with the Washington Generals in a Wednesday night game at Conseco Fieldhouse against the Harlem Globetrotters.

Hayward is considered a small forward with point-guard skills, a combination that made him a matchup problem for most college teams. At Butler, Hayward handled the ball, shot 3-pointers and became even more adept at driving past bigger defenders who struggled against Hayward’s smooth moves and uncanny body control around the basket.

His versatility was one of the primary reasons Butler reached the Final Four for the first time.

Butler coach Brad Stevens sounded as collected about the decision as he had throughout the Bulldogs’ improbable tourney run.

“We’ll support him as we gather additional information,” Stevens said, one week after signing a 12-year deal to stay at Butler.

Stevens’ decision left only one lingering question for the Bulldogs: Would Hayward return?

He still could, and if Hayward pulls out of the draft, Butler will have four of its five starters back. Some believe that could put the Bulldogs among the top five in the preseason poll.

Without him, Butler will still have 2008 Horizon League player of the year Matt Howard and both guards, Ronald Nored and Shelvin Mack, back in the lineup. Nored was chosen the league’s co-defensive player of the year this season.

And an NBA team will have a new millionaire cornerstone for the future.

The announcement came on the same day two other players from Indiana, Purdue center JaJuan Johnson and Purdue guard E’Twaun Moore, announced they will enter the draft but will not sign with an agent, either.

Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Read more:

Butler’s Gordon Hayward to Test NBA Draft Waters

More here:

Butler's Gordon Hayward to Test NBA Draft Waters


Song.Pk Free Download



Best Song of the year 2007

Friends lets have our say about the best song(Bollywood or Tollywood or Hollywood) of the year 2007…..

also say why u liked it the most

Top songs of 2007

1)bol na halke halke from jhoom baraber jhoom

2)In dino dil mera from Metro

3)main jahan bhi rahu from namaste london

4) jhoom baraber jhoom title track

5)to fir aao from awaarapan

baatein kuch ankahee si–metro

woh ajnabee-train

main jahan bhi rahoon-namastey london

and puja salaam-e-ishq music was released in 2006

in dino-metro

zindagi-the train

tenu leke-salam e ishq

Joom Barabar Joom sharabi title song

ganpan chal daru laa.. Shoot out at lokhan..

yeh tera mera milna. aap ka shooror

asalawalikum ……….. aap ka shoorur

mausam…. atifbhai……the train


Shiju A Rasheed

Shiju A RasheedShiju A Rasheed, Rahul Dev and Sindo belted centuries and V.S. Shiju produced a stunning allround show (119 and five for 23) as Cordiant-Tripunithura CC 'A' and Globstar Telecom posted comfortable wins in the SRK Group-Ernakulam District A division cricket league here on Saturday.

The scores: Cordiant TCC 'A' 321 for three (Rahul Dev 137, Sindo 116, Pratheesh three for 86) bt Scorpions 148 (Pratheesh 56, Saddam three for 23).

Globstar Telecom, Aluva 280 (V.S. Shiju 119, Anwar 68, Raju four for 48) bt Sobers CC 37 (V.S. Shiju five for 23). — Principal Correspondent

ICC World Cup 2010 Schedule: England vs West Indies T20 Match Preview

England vs West Indies T20 World Cup 2010. West Indies will be standing   against England on Monday 3rd, May 2, 2010 in Providence Stadium,   Guyana. England would be on the field, for the very first time in the   league. They would assure to win this game.

ICC world cup twenty20 West Indies vs England highlights, Match 7 WI vs Eng world T20 2010 cricket highlights and live streamingWatch ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup (WC) 2010. Match 8, Group D: West Indies v England (WI vs Eng) highlights and live streaming played at Providence, May 3, 2010. Watch World T20 2010 online live and free.

This ICC  World T20 match  start at 17:30 (GMT) on 3rd May at British West Indies,   Carriben. So every one most welcome to watch West   Indies vs England ICC World T20 Live on PC. Hope   this West Indies vs England exciting match gives much more pleasure to   all cricket fans. Watch West Indies vs England ICC World T20 Cricket   Match Live.


England will be playing their 1st T20 Match in the ICC T20 World Cup  2010. They are under Group D. They will be now playing against West  Indies. They would be looking to win this match and qualify for the  Super Eights stage.

West Indies

West Indies will be playing their 2nd T20 Match. They won their 1st  match against Ireland. They will be looking to win this match as well.


American Idol Top 2

American Idol Top 2; It's time to find out which two contestants will battle it out to become the next American Idol. Lee DeWyze rocked the stage Tuesday night and was the clear favorite. Casey James seemed to be the weak link this week. That leaves Crystal Bowersox, who had two strong performances, but not as good as Lee's.

After a couple of performances and lots of video of the contestants visiting their hometowns, it's time to dim the lights.

Lee DeWyze is in the finale. No surprise there. He seems to be the one to beat at this point.

Joining Lee is Crystal Bowersox. Again, most predicted this outcome. Lee and Crystal have been the top contestants from the beginning. It should be a good show next week.

Unfortunately, that means Casey James is going home. I'll admit I was a fan in the beginning because of his long blond locks and adorable smile. But it didn't take like for me to appreciate his musical talent and bluesy style. I think he's going to be a star.

Smallville Season 10

Smallville Season 10Smallville Season 10: Look Smallville Season 9 Episode 21 | Smallville Season 9 Episode 21 Video | Smallville Season 9 Episode 21 Free Online Stream. Smallville Season 9 Episode 21 will be air on May 14th, 2010. The title of the Smallville Season 9 Episode 21 is "Salvation". Smallville season 9 episode 21 preview

Kevin Skinner

Kevin SkinnerKevin Skinner, Oddballs and train wrecks have helped make NBC’s America’s Got Talent TV’s top-rated show for four straight summers. Though viewers can expect more of the same as Season 5 begins tonight (8 ET/PT), Talent judge Piers Morgan says the entertainment caliber will be the series’ best yet.

“I know these things get hyped, but we’ve already sent home several acts that would have made the finals in past years,” he says. “There’s more talent and more variety, and the talent is so good.”

This season’s pool of singers is especially strong, influenced, Morgan says, by Susan Boyle, the matronly Scot who became a YouTube sensation (100 million hits and counting) and recording star after appearing on the British version of Talent.

“She empowered people who wouldn’t have normally auditioned,” Morgan says.

CALENDAR: Check out what summer TV has to offer

Given the Talent’s $1 million grand prize and its variety format, the series has never lacked for starry-eyed hopefuls. In 12 cities, including Denver, Chicago, Orlando, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, executive producer Jason Raff saw contestants using turkey basters as musical instruments, male belly dancers, a kid who manipulates his eyebrows to music and a guy whose eyes remain open when he sneezes.

“After five years, it still amazes me what people will do,” says Raff, whose crew uncovered country singer Kevin Skinner, the Kentucky chicken wrangler who won the top prize last year.

Howie Mandel, who replaced David Hasselhoff as a judge, says he got a kick out of many of the tryouts.

“I love great talent, but I love bad talent, too,” he says. “I’ve been onstage for 32 years. I think I can identify the ‘it’ factor, the wow factor.”

Yet at times, there were surreal moments. “There’s a thin delineation between an act and real life,” Mandel says. “There was a girl chewing on a light bulb, her smile darkened by blood. It didn’t look real at first. I thought this must be an act. But then she was on her way to the hospital.”

Thousands of auditions prompted “a lot of ‘Oh my Lord’ moments,” says host Nick Cannon.

“It seemed a lot more dangerous this year,” he says. “There was tons of bleeding. Someone put a drill down their throat. Someone was chopping wood. People who do things and have the audacity to think this is worth $1 million.”

Deciding which acts to advance for midsummer live shows — the job of Morgan, Mandel and returning judge Sharon Osbourne— caused some friction that in itself may be entertaining.

“I had two missions: One, to find the next great talent. The other, seeing how far I could push Piers in taste,” Mandel says.

Says Morgan: “Howie likes all these weird, random acts, and he conspired with Sharon to make sure they got through. But I got him. There are moments where he goes down in flames.”

Viewers will select 12 acts for Talent’slive performance show Aug. 10, based on YouTube online auditions posted by June 23.

Inception Ending

Inception EndingInception Ending, Inception Ending:(Vanityfair) — The most talked-about movie of the summer is, without doubt, MI Christopher Nolan. The funny thing is that most people do not even really know what is about to Start. All I know is I want to see it. As a service, given that most moviegoers have no idea what is in store for them, we went to the red-hot rumors about the film and, very cautiously, to avoid ruining the movie for you Try to answer all the questions you may have about creation.

Q: Is it me, or Warner Bros. has been extremely secretive about home?

A: It's not just you.

Q: You do not appear to be as talkative as usual. Is there a representative of Warner Bros. in the room with you as you write this?

A. Um, no. Not at all. Nothing to see here.

Q: Do you remember our keyword if you're in trouble?

A: Yes, it's "buttercup." Buttercup.

Q: What is creation?

A: Home is the act of invading someone's dreams for the sole purpose of planting an idea. It is the opposite of extraction, which is the process by which the information meets important from the subconscious of the subject. Inception is considered by some to be impossible, because it tells the inceptee has an uncanny ability to track planted the idea back to the person who planted it. For example, if someone says "Do not think about elephants, elephants can think of, but this fails as creation, because the author-the person who ordered him not to think about elephants" can be traced to the source too ease.

Q: Wait, you lost me to "invade the dreams of anyone."

A: In the world of creation, invading the dreams of a person to extract information for profit is quite common.

Q: As Freddy Krueger?

A: Not really. The victim must be close and connected to the same machine as all invaders are hooked into. Much more technical than supernatural.

Q: Well, if it is so common, people are not in possession of valuable information to be prepared against the invasion of sleep? Moreover, instead of "pullers" will refer to them in the future as Warriors 'dream'?

A: Of course. And some of them are ready. This is why the exhaust … Sorry, the "Dream Warriors," as Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), uses a system of a dream within a dream to trick the victim into thinking he has raised, although he has not done so. Finally, try the trick is a dream within a dream within a dream is. What some think, can not be done.

Q: This is the second time you've listed one act that can not be done in the world of creation. Well, these acts can be done?

R: Buttercup.

Q: When I die in my dreams, I wake up. What happens to these people when they die in your dreams?

A: It depends. Normally, if they die, they get up. When they try to go through several layers of dreams within dreams, the sedative used for the experiment is so powerful that if they die in sleep, they enter a state of limbo in his mind. (Cobb does not tell his fellow warriors that dream until it's too late to turn back.) When the warrior dream is now in the frame, the only thing that can wake them up is something called a "kick" that basically is the act of falling in real life.

Q: That's very misleading Cobb. Is it a good guy or bad guy?

A: None, really. It is basically a mercenary who can not return to the United States because of a standing order for his arrest for suspected murder of his wife (Marion Cotillard). His projection of his wife often invades the dreams is working on its mission and is altered.

Q: Is it guilt?

A: Acorn!

Q: So, the dead wife of Cobb is entering their dreams. Wait, does that mean …

A: Acorn! Buttercup!

Q: What exactly is the mission of Cobb?

R: Cobb was hired by Saito (Ken Watanabe) to plant the idea in the mind of a rival businessman, Fischer (Cillian Murphy), to break the giant conglomerate is about to inherit from her dying father. If Cobb and his team are successful, the burden of murder Cobb disappear.

Q: Wait … to rich Japanese businessmen have the ability to have the charges against the accused murderers of U.S. fell with a single phone call?

A: Yes I do. (It is not home!)

Q: What do we know about Cobb?

A: Not much, but this may be by design. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the right hand of Cobb, who teaches the protégé of Cobb (Ellen Page) how to use his skills as an architect to create and modify the structures of the dreams of your post.

Q: Gordon-Levitt is versed in architecture? So this is a sequel (500) Days of Summer?

A: This seems to be a very different kind of architecture. Page specialty is creating labyrinthine worlds in the subconscious of a person.

Q: This movie sounds very complicated. What if I'm not very smart, I am yet to go? I like to think of movies.

A: You have to think. But many people are selling the building as a movie too complicated to understand. Not at all. A seventh-grade education should suffice. And that's the beauty of the direction of Christopher Nolan: It's a complicated story, but presented in a way that is very easy to follow. The film is Nolan rules and adhere to those standards. The first Mission: Impossible film is about ten times more complicated. Put it this way: I graduated from a state school Big XII and never confuses me.

Q: Home is being considered as El Salvador for a summer season very bad movie. Well, right?

A: Home is very good. But living up to the hype will be difficult for several reasons.

Q: Does that mean that advertising is not it?

A: Well, it depends. Part of it is true. Do you have an example?

Q: I heard that Home whales is one summer movie experience satisfactory.

A: Oh, okay Yeah, that's reasonable. I'd say that's true.

Q: I heard that watching Initial cure cancer.

A: Um, I'm not so sure. Although, personally, can not refute that watching Initial cure cancer.

Q: I heard that when they finally make first contact with aliens, we will initially show to prove our superior intelligence as a species. I have heard that we fully expect foreigners to surrender to us because of our brilliance.

R: I have no answer for this.

Q: If you are going to be advertising blurb for the home, what do you think will?

A: "I personally can not refute that watching Initial cure cancer!" Mike Ryan, Vanity Fair.

Q: Home is the final touch?

A: buttercup!

Q: Well, let me rephrase: Beginners do not have a satisfactory ending?

A: Let's say that any movie from Christopher Nolan does not stop with clones Drowning is a successful conclusion.

Crunchyroll Naruto

Crunchyroll NarutoCrunchyroll Naruto, Latest news update about Crunchyroll Naruto: Production I.G. and I have a very simple relationship: they make something, I run after it frothing at the mouth and desperately waving my hands around until I get to see it. Yeah, I guess I’m a fangirl or something. Call me what you will, but I was pretty excited to see that? Crunchyroll will be teaming up with? Media Blasters and Anime Works to bring? MORIBITO: Guardian of the Spirits to the site as of today.

Mania reports that the first four episodes will be available to Premium Anime and All-Access members, while only the first episode will be available for free users (but they can see the other three for free as of September 7th). If you haven’t already seen it, I recommend this opportunity to check it out as it is extremely good. Says the Production I.G. fangirl. They aren’t paying me to say this stuff, I swear.

Bollywood Malika Sherawat Hot Photos-Videos

Bollywood Malika Sherawat Hot Photos-VideosLatest News Update About Bollywood Malika Sherawat Hot Photos-Videos, Malika Sherawat Hot Girl Bollywood Malika Sherawat is known for her bold statements and exposing roles. Mallika's role in Pyar Ke Side Effects was hugely appreciated because of her clean image in the movie. Mallika Sherawat is a hot name today in the Bollywood industry. She has sent the entire bollywood world rocking with her hot scenes. Mallika Sherawat is all set to become the highest paid female brand ambassador of India. It is reported that the actress has charged a hefty Rs 3.5 crore for an advertisement. Mallika Sherawat is in the news almost every day, still there is little we know about her past. She came from an orthodox family.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chennai Super Kings vs Deccan Chargers Live Match Preview

Indian Premier League ( IPL 3) 2010, 5th match: Chennai Super Kings  v Deccan Chargers at Chennai, Mar 14, 2010

Hours of play (local time): 20.00 start, First Session 20.00-21.20, Interval 21.20-21.40, Second Session 21.40-23.00

Watch Chennai Super Kings  v Deccan Charger Live Streaming and Highlights. Last year defending Champions started off the season by loosing the opener against the Kolkata and now will be looking to rebuilt themselves against the Chennai. Chennai on the other hand had a tough time in the both the season. They played well but never managed to got through the top. So will Chennai can win this year?

Chennai Super Kings squad

MS Dhoni*?, R Ashwin, HK Badani, S Badrinath, GJ Bailey, L Balaji, C Ganapathy, MS Gony, ML Hayden, MEK Hussey, SB Jakati, AB Karthik, JM Kemp, JA Morkel, M Muralitharan, M Ntini, JDP Oram, PA Patel?, NLTC Perera, SK Raina, T Thushara, S Tyagi, M Vijay

Deccan Chargers squad

AC Gilchrist*?, A Ashish Reddy, Anirudh Singh, AA Bilakhia, HH Gibbs, Harmeet Singh, RJ Harris, VVS Laxman, MR Marsh, MD Mishra, PP Ojha, DB Ravi Teja, KAJ Roach, R Sharma, RG Sharma, RP Singh, DR Smith, TL Suman, B Sumanth, A Symonds, WPUJC Vaas, Y Venugopal Rao, AS Yadav