Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter

Michelle MalkinLatest News Update About Michelle Malkin: It's not every show where the folks who catch the show live in the UStream chatroom (and, guys, you all need a name. I can't keep calling you "The Chatroom People"!) get to see me do a double fist-pump after an interview, but it happened last night thanks to my guest, Michelle Malkin.

Episode 52 marks The Delivery's one-year anniversary. We haven't missed a show and only once, thanks to a power outage at Delivery World Headquarters, did we show up a day late. I'm proud of what the show has become, and more proud at what it will become as we continue to improve the content and production, add new fun bells and whistles, and find more ways to let you all participate in the show each week.

Michelle Malkin came on in the second half and lit up the show like a bank of stadium lights. I guarantee, you will not hear and interview like the conversation we had in this week's episode. We stayed away from politics for the most part but we did spend a lot of time on new media and the good and bad she's experienced building her considerable online presence. We also spent a bit of time splashing about in the geek end of the pool and I learned a couple things about her I certainly didn't know before.

Also, she tossed out a couple suggestions for the future that sounded…interesting. Verrrrry interesting.

I do hope you enjoy listening to the show this week as much as I enjoyed making it. This was a fun one, no doubt.

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