Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Watch American Idol 9 May 19 Top 2 Episode 41 Free Online Stream Finalist

RESULTS! Early results are IN on American Idol tonight May 19 in! American Idol results for May 19 2010 tonight  featured an evening of charming homecomings for the top 3 finalists. But  who is heading home, who is voted off, and who is kicked off?

Look  American Idol Season 9 Episode 41 |  American Idol  Season 9 Episode 41 Video |  American Idol Season 9 Episode 41 Free  Online Stream.  American Idol Season 9 Episode 41 will be air on May  19th, 2010.

Adam’s personal choice song was Mad World that he performed on  the “Songs from the year they were born” show. Randy loved seeing Adam’s  sensitive side and also loved his long coat and the fog. Kara loved his  song choice and called him an incredible artist that really rocked it  tonight

On Tuesday night, American Idol’s final three – Casey James,  Crystal Bowersox, and Lee DeWyze - each belted  out not one, but two songs: one selected by the judges and one of their  own choice.

With only one girl and two guys left, who will be eliminated and who  will move on to the season’s Top 2 ? We will find out tonight on  American Idol’s results show.

"The acoustic rocker vs the glam rocker,  Conway vs California, The  guy next door vs the guy liner… It comes down to Kris and Adam", says  Ryan Seacrest. Introduction of the American Idol Judges. "Get on your  feet for Kris Allen and Adam Lambert", as the Top 2 Idol finalists take  the stage. Kris Allen won the coin toss and chose Adam Lambert to sing  first. Three songs will be performed tonight. Adam Lambert and Kris  Allen will each have 3 phone numbers and 1 text number for tonight's  votes. 4 hours to vote tonight!!!

If Idol producers are predictable, they will air tonight's  results show as follows – early in the broadcast, they'll tell us that  Lee is advancing. But then they'll tease us that maybe Crystal is in  trouble.

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